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My Journey

My health journey, like so many people's, has been and up-and-down love affair with the scale and clothing sizes.  I was a cute, active kid who slowly started putting on weight until the taunting of other cute, active kids made me so self-conscious that I quit my activities and became an overweight adolescent. 

I lived in over-sized, unattractive clothes and had a low self-worth until I traveled to Australia with a student ambassador program in 10th grade.  While there I was able to expand my group of friends beyond my own school and I became more talkative, friendly, confident and just happier.  I kept a more active and social lifestyle after this, and soon found myself at my lowest weight.  I felt beautiful, fit and self-confident.  

Then college hit.  And by college I really mean cheeseburgers, beer, late-night pizza and vodka.  I had a great time - but the weight I had lost through having an active lifestyle soon reappeared because of horrible nutrition.  I kept my confidence and positive attitude, though.  Gone was the girl who was ridiculed to loneliness and laziness from my junior high years.  I noticed my clothing getting larger, but I didn't pay much mind to it.  

Until I studied abroad my junior year in the south of France.  I was surrounded by gorgeous, skinny, healthy people and I simply felt like I didn't fit in.  Through walking around town and to school everyday and eating la puree (pureed vegetable soup, prepared by my incredibly healthy host mother) five nights a week, I once again lost weight and felt terrific!  I fit in smaller sizes and when I looked in the mirror I knew I was once again shrinking to a healthy weight. 

 But, as had happened before, when I left that situation where my food choices were being made for me, I once again put the weight back on.  Putting the weight back on didn't make me hate myself or my reflection; I had gained self-confidence already and I kept it, but I did find myself wishing I could look differently.

Through the weight gain I met Jake, fell in love and got married.  Then, one January day in 2013 I decided to step on a scale... and it's there, more than anywhere else, that my transformation story begins.  


Kaitlyn said...

Hey girly. I stumbled across your blog, but it must of been a sign! I'm actually going to speak with an advisor tomorrow about studying abroad next semester. I've been dying to meet or speak with someone who's been through a study abroad program and ask a few questions. Funny story, you've been to 2 out of my 3 top choices. So far, I'm interested in Australia, Italy, or France. Since it will be winter in Italy and France, I'm not sure if Australia would be the smarter choice? I've always dreamed of traveling abroad and I'd like to study in a country that would allow me the most opportunity to see as much as possible while I'm there. Can I ask how you liked France and Australia, and which of the two you would choose if you had the choice to do it over again? I'm new to the blogger world, but I'd love to stay in touch! You can find me at,

Look forward to your response :)

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