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Country Heat is HERE!!!

It's been released!  Country Heat is available for purchase and I am anxiously waiting for mine to show up at my doorstep!  

Yes, my big ole' pregnant belly will be kicking the dust up in my living room with Autumn - and I can't wait for it!  One of the best parts of being involved with Beachbody is that I have access to incredible workouts and health tools without having to leave my own house.  As a mother of a toddler and another baby who will be arriving shortly, I appreciate knowing that they are witness to me making choices to put my health and fitness first.  Bonnie Ann loves it when I bring out the dancing videos, too, because she gets to boogie right along with me!

Have you not heard of Country Heat yet, and have no idea what I'm talking about??  I can explain!

Country Heat high-energy, low-impact dance workout that’s so simple and so fun, you’ll love it from the very first step. There is no choreography to remember, it is simply a dance workout of easy-to-follow moves that are set to awesome country music.  I was able to try out some sneak peeks and let's just say I had a great time dancing while also sweating up a storm!

The workouts themselves are 30 minutes long and it is a 30-day program that can be repeated as often as you like - this could be the game-changer for your health and fitness journey, and you only need to have 30 minutes to devote to it!  

What exactly comes with Country Heat?

If you decide that you would like to try out this program you get a ton of goodies that comes along with the program itself!  By ordering Country Heat, you get five dance workouts, a dance conditioning workout, a Shakeology shaker cup, an eating plan with a set of 7 color-coded, portion-control containers, a Quickstart guide, a 30-day calendar and two bonus workouts!  Along with all that, you can earn a free Country Heat t-shirt just for completing the workout and sharing your results with Team Beachbody!  

I, of course, as your coach, will also be along for the ride with you!  I am available to help you stay motivated, focused and on schedule!

How do I get the BEST results possible?

The best results in any health and fitness journey come from these key things:

- Commitment
- Staying on track
- Sticking to the program
- Fueling your body correctly

As simple as those little bullet points might make it seem, these four things can actually be pretty hard to master!  (I suppose that has a lot to do with why there are so many of us who have struggled or are struggling with health and weight issues).  One thing that I have found makes ALL of these easier to accomplish, however, is this: accountability.  When we work together with other people and hold each other accountable, not only is the journey a lot more fun, it is also a whole lot easier to stick to!

I offer personal support and accountability through my Challenge Groups that I run each month.  These are designed to keep you focused on your goals, accountable to the process and motivated to keep going!  Imagine how great it would be to have someone lift you up when you've had a bad day (because they DO happen) instead of just letting one bad day roll into another.  That's what these groups do for us!  I have been a proud member of many challenge groups, and I truly believe that they are the secret sauce to an awesome success story (say that five times fast!)

Along with the accountability, challenge groups also offer the opportunity to try out Shakeology, which is how I start every day!  Shakeology is a nutrient-dense meal replacement that helps us to fuel our body correctly and in the best way possible.  I'll be honest - when I first joined a challenge group I was super skeptical of Shakeology and didn't even like the first shake I made.  After tweaking my recipe, though, I discovered that not only do I like Shakeology, I love it!  It keeps me full, is easy and quick to make and helps me get all the daily nutrients in without having to spend my entire paycheck on supplements!  In challenge groups we discuss recipes, ways to make Shakeology and how to best fit it into your lifestyle so it frees up time and gives you energy when you need it!

Back to Country Heat, though - can I check it out before committing?

Of course!  Here is a video to check out that will give you a sneak peek into the workout.

Ok, I'm interested.

If you are interested in Country Heat I would love to chat with you about the program, challenge groups, and how I can best support and help you.  To get the conversation started, could you please fill out the application form below?  I will be in touch with you within 24 hours and we can chat about Country Heat and how I can help you get the results that YOU want!

I look forward to chatting!

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