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Pregnancy Dream #1: The Man at the Door

Pregnancy can be weird.  It does weird things to your body, your emotions, your thoughts and your dreams.  And by 'weird things', I mean crazy, off-the-wall dreams.  Or at least they are for me!  The majority of my pregnancy dreams are, quite honestly, scary!  I wake up from a nightmare and I have to convince myself I'm in bed and not in whatever horrible location my sleeping mind created.

When I was pregnant with Bonnie I had a ton of these dreams, and they've started up again with this little one.  I don't remember nearly any of the Bonnie dreams, though, so this go around I thought it would be fun to write them down and remember the craziness that happened in my mind at night :)  I've shared a lot of memories through this blog, so I thought it only right to share these pregnancy dreams as well!  Please know that I am going to recount them as accurately as I can; I know that they might not make sense, logic might be missing or they just might be plain old weird - it's all my subconscious!

Here's my dream, as close as I can recall, that happened on Tuesday night:

I knew I was in trouble.  Without even seeing the man running towards my house, I knew he was coming, and I knew he was seething with anger towards me.  Why?  That part I didn’t know; the source of his anger was unclear.  All I knew was that he was coming, fast, and he intended to do me harm.

Instead of running, calling for help or attempting to arm myself I froze at the front door while looking through the peephole.  Somewhere in those woods he was jumping over broken branches and rocks to get to my house.  To harm me.  Finally I saw him break through the tree line; he never slowed or wavered in his path – before barely any time had passed at all he was at the front door.  Yelling.  Yelling to me, yelling at me, it was all the same.

I grabbed a stool once I saw him reach for the gun.  I thought it would be safest to get higher; surely this would make me impossible to shoot.  I stayed behind the door, but I stood two feet taller than I would have because of the stool.  His first round of bullets ripped through the door and it was clear that my idea was a bad one.  With the noise of his seemingly never-ending bullets echoing in my ears, I thought it was safe to jump down off the stool and run.  I ran to the other end of the house and only turned back once to see the bullets continuing to rip through the bottom foot of my front door.  The man was angry, and he was intent on shooting enough holes in the bottom of the door to create a space large enough to climb through to get to me.

While he shot holes in my door, I threw a baseball through a window at the other end of the house, jumped through the window and ran.  Down the lawn, into the edge of forest and beyond.  I fell, I tripped, I ran.  I knew I had to get away – there was no other option available that would allow me to keep my life.  The anger in the man’s eyes had promised me that.

I ran for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually I came across another person – this time someone who wasn’t looking to kill me.  I asked for their help, and she had me come to meet her mother, who might be able to help.  I didn’t know these people, but they agreed to assist me in my escape.  In the backseat of their car I stayed silent and still as they drove away from my house, away from theirs and away from the man with anger in his eyes and murder on his mind.

We made it to a police checkpoint but never made it any further.  As I peeked out from the tarp they had wrapped me in my breath was taken away.  On top of a hill in the middle of the forest I saw where my house had once been.  Instead of a roof, though, I saw the black sky on fire.  The man had lit my house, and the area surrounding it ablaze.  His anger wasn’t gone, but I had escaped from it. 

For now.

Would he continue on his quest to find me?  Was I safe?  Should I keep running?

Before I knew the answer, I woke up.

Another weird and frightening pregnancy dream.


Have you had crazy pregnancy dreams?  Or maybe just crazy dreams in general?  Are you a dream reader who wants to share what mine might mean??

I'd love to hear your stories and thoughts!

Until then,


Stovetop Lemon and Rice Chicken

Stovetop Lemon and Rice Chicken

Trying new recipes is one of my favorite things to do, but it can also be a bit scary when you take that first bite - will it be good or will it be better to forget it ever happened and make a quick replacement dinner instead (for those nights, when they unfortunately happen, I make sure to always have tilapia on hand - it's easy, tasty and healthy!)

Last night for dinner I tried out a new recipe that looked like it should be a for-sure winner.  It included all my favorite things: chicken, lemon and rice!  Could it ever go wrong?

Well, no.  And yes.  Somewhere right in the middle of those.

The chicken was fantastic; it was moist, easy to make and had just enough flavor.  The rice on the other hand... that had a LOT of flavor.  We're talking a lot a lot.  As we were eating I commented that I thought it had a bit too much lemon, but Jake disagreed and thought it had just enough.  A couple minutes later we realized that while I was eating little pieces of chicken with the rice, he was only eating the chicken and then planned on moving to the rice.

Let's just say that when he tasted just the rice for the first time he came around to my way of thinking in a hurry!

We agreed that the recipe was good enough to try again, though, so I'm going to share it with you today using our tweaks we discussed - let me know what you think if you try it!

Stovetop Lemon and Rice Chicken

The recipe I've shared above is, again, a little bit different than the recipe that we tried, but I think the changes I made will make it better for both Jake and I.  Let me know what you think - and if you make tweaks to this one!

Until next time,


Three Months Later

Three months without a post - what in the world, right?

If a blogger goes away for three months with no word, does that mean they're no longer a blogger?  I suppose, perhaps it does, but ONLY if that blogger doesn't return to their blog.  Here I am, blogging, so I'm back to being a blogger!  (Yes, I know I saw 'blog' or some form of it way too many times in this paragraph.  Consider me done.  Blog.  Okay that was the last one.)

So, really, where have I been?

Truth be told?  I've mainly been on the couch or running after Bonnie Ann.  Lots of couch time has been clocked in, though, because I have been overtired and sick to my stomach for the last couple months (with some relief in the last week or so - wahoo!!!)

Instead of telling you outright (because how fun would that be?) I'll let Bonnie Ann share her news:

That's right, this fall we will be welcoming a new little one into our family and we couldn't be more excited!  Bonnie Ann doesn't really get it at this point, but we look forward to seeing her become a big sister to this new little one!

The first while was pretty difficult for me, as I was exhausted and getting sick each day (so not fun!)  I tried several things for the morning sickness and ultimately had to get some medicine but that has been working like a charm and I'm back to feeling semi-normal again (with a belly to remind me that all's not normal!)  Feeling back to great means I'm back to blogging and I'm so excited for it!

Until next time,