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Square One

I was thinking today about Shakeology (I had peanut butter and chocolate this morning - yummm!!) and how I felt when I was first signing up to try it out.

To be totally honest?  I didn't really want to!  I had never had a protein or meal replacement before and I wasn't sure that I wanted to start.  I had just finished a 10 day juice cleanse, though, and I wanted to keep up my momentum and see some more results. After some Google searches for Insanity transformations, I found the woman who would become my coach and I reached out to her.

She invited me to a challenge group and I wanted IN!  I wanted support, accountability, help and a group of people who would be around to help me out on my journey because I was already feeling completely lost.  Then, I was caught off guard when I realized that Shakeology was a requirement.  Brakes squealed, I pedaled backwards and I honestly listed tons of reasons why I didn't want to do it.

The money.
Is it weird to drink your food?
The money.
It might taste gross.
Will it be a waste of money?
I don't know about being one of 'those' people who drink shakes.
And, lastly, the money.

At the end of the day, though, I wanted in that group and I was willing to get out of my own way and try something new, so I ordered Chocolate Shakeology and joined in!  Jake​ and I got it in our budget and figured it out.

Now?  I've been drinking it for three years and I still love it every morning. I have lost 65 pounds, had a healthy pregnancy, have a beautiful baby girl and I'm back on track to lose the baby weight.  The other day, though, I got kind of down.  Losing baby weight is hard!

Am I back to square one?  For real, what's the point?  Ughhh I wish I was one of those girls who gained 20 pounds in pregnancy and left the hospital weighing less than when I got pregnancy.  

Before going overboard, though, I stopped myself.  I'm not at square one.  Square one Ashley had no belief in the process, I had never seen results and I wasn't sure it was possible.  Square one Ashley was unsure of herself, scared to try and even more scared to not try. Square one Ashley was stuck.

The me of today?  I've seen the results, I've loved the results, I know how to meal plan, how to stay committed to workouts and how to get past the bad days.  I've been there, done that, bought the tshirt and then had to buy a smaller size.  I believe in Shakeology, I believe in challenge groups and even more importantly, I believe in ME!

Another pretty important thing? I believe in YOU!

You might feel like you're at square one - heck you might actually BE at square one on your fitness journey but square one is a PERFECT place to start!

Fitness Motivation

On February 1st I am opening up a new challenge group for anyone who is ready to try.  Ready to take the leap of faith and commit with me.  I will be there with you every single step of the way, and I am committed to helping you excel.  Square one is your starting place, but it is not where you are supposed to end.  

So, let's go!

If you are ready to try, ready to commit or ready to learn more, comment below with your email address or use the pop up box on the bottom right hand corner to get in touch!  I'm here to help you!

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