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So long, 2015. Hello, 2016!

As always, I can't believe how quickly time has flown.  It is already the year 2016!  Does anyone else distinctly remember Dec 31, 1999 when we were all afraid that life as we knew it was going to implode around us because of computer glitches once it was 2000?

That whole thing?

16 years ago.  CRAZY.

Now, here we are in 2016 and I am thinking back on 2015.  It was one of my favorite years ever!  I got to spend almost every day at home with Bonnie Bug, watching her grow, helping her learn and cuddling her.  I'm not sure life can get much better than baby cuddles!

I thought, as a way to start this blog off for 2016 I would look back on some of my favorite memories with Bonnie from 2015.

       January:  A Nap with Dad  

      February: My Little Valentine

      March: Bonnie was Baptized!

      April: Trying my hand at making Bonnie a shirt from an adult shirt - I think it turned out pretty      cute!

                                May: My very first Mother's Day!

      June: Bonnie Ann met the cows for the first time (and she had no hair!)

      July: S'mores with Friends

      August: This picture is Jake's favorite picture of Bonnie Ann ever - and I'm a big fan of it too :)

      September: I actually got in a picture for once!  Excuse the pursed lips on her and the messy shirt on me!

                                October: Our Wizard of Oz party!  Bonnie Ann was a munchkin, Jake was the man behind the curtain.

      November: I got Bonnie Ann into one of my old outfits!

      December: Christmas lights are pretty darn cool when you're one year old!

There it is - one picture of Bonnie Ann a month for all of 2015.  It blows my mind to look back at the first couple pictures - was she seriously ever that little?!  I'm also excited to see what she looks like a year from now - as long as that year doesn't pass by too quickly.  I'm not ready for a 2 year old yet!

I hope you all had a VERY happy New Year and that it continues through 2016!

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