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One Pan Chicken Rice and Black Beans Mix

Ummm okay hello YUM!  There is something about a Minnesota winter that just calls for a hot dish of a bunch of yumminess all mixed together, amIright?! (not necessarily a hotdish - that's an entirely different thing!) If you're not from Minnesota and you don't understand the importance of hotdishes and/or hot dishes, I am sorry for this but would like to make it up to you by donating a recipe to the cause.

As is usual with the recipes I share, this one can be tweaked pretty easily.  If you don't have brown rice like I used, use your favorite kind!  If you want to throw in some more veggies, have at it!  I love to post recipes on my blog so I can find them easily later, and this is definitely one I'll be having again.  Chicken, rice, black beans - need I say more?

One pan chicken rice and black bean recipe

Prep note:  You will need 3-4 chicken breasts thawed and cooked for this recipe.

One pan chicken rice and black bean recipe

If you try this I'd love to hear what you think of it!

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