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Baby Dress Up Calendar - Gladiator

Last week I wrote about Jake's Christmas gift from Bonnie and I (if you want to check out that post and see all the ideas I used for the calendar, click here!)  Today I'm back for another costume that we did.

One of Jake's favorite movies is Gladiator with Russell Crowe, so I knew I had to incorporate it somehow!  By the time Bonnie Ann and I got to this costume, though, it was already turning into winter so we weren't able to take them outside (just too darn cold!)  

I think she's still a cutie even if the background isn't!

To make this costume I made her a gray skirt and left the bottom hem raw.  Gladiators didn't have nice, polished hems, right?!

Baby Calendar

Bonnie's gladiator sword is made from ancient steel that I shaped with a... okay obviously that's not really the case. It is made cardboard and tinfoil :)  I think that's perfect for a one year old!  For the majority of the photo shoot she clung onto the 'metal' part of it instead of the handle, but that just adds to the scene I think!

Baby Costume

The body piece I sewed together using faux leather material as the fabric (the inside is nice and soft).  I cut two main body pieces, one larger than the other, and sewed those together.  On top of those I sewed four strips of the same fabric that could reach around and tie in the back - every gladiator has to keep their tunic on!

Baby Gladiator Costume

The bottom faux leather portion was also sewn to the top instead of the rest of the skirt. It was just four strips with medallions of tinfoil taped on the bottom.  (These didn't last for long, but they made it through the photo shoot which was all that I needed!)

Baby Dress Up Calendar

Baby Gladiator Costume

Baby Costume Calendar

What do you think of this little gladiator???

Please feel free to pin this page if you want to do something similar - and I'd love to see your final product as well!

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