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Has it for real been a month since I've set food (er, keyboard?!) in this little blog of mine?  The date stamp on my last post proves it has been a bit over a month, in fact, which shocks me.  I swear I told myself 'okay I'll write a blog tomorrow' for the first time just last week.  I guess I've been telling myself that for five weeks!

What can ya do - move on and keep trucking!

Welcome to December.

December in Minnesota is normally synonymous with Christmas shopping, a whole lot of hot chocolate, watching Christmas moves on Lifetime and snow, snow, snow everywhere.

This year?  It's a bit different.

- I had 95% of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, so I haven't been feeling the retail rush - and I'm okay with this!

- I've been trying to be as eagle-eyed on my health and fitness goals as I can possibly stand, so hot chocolate hasn't been on my radar very often.  Currently I'm freezing my buns off, though, so a mug of hot cocoa sounds pretty perfect right about now!

- Lifetime.  Ah, Lifetime.  I would love to have a couple of your Christmas flicks on my DVR queue (it's a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine) but Jake and I cut the cable cord several months back.  We were watching tv so infrequently and the price of our cable package seemed to go up every month, so finally I got Jake convinced that it was an unnecessary expense.  We did sign up for SlingTV (just for the Walking Dead, which is now on hiatus until February) and I believe Lifetime is available through there, but I honestly never think to turn it on and flip through the channels.  Note to self: I should do this to help justify the $20 a month.

- Snow, snow, snow everywhere no where!  It's December 14th and all day at work I was able to see it raining outside.  That is SO strange!  I can only imagine how much snow we would have accumulated if it had been cold enough for the rain to be snow.  It would have been a blizzard for the record books, that's for sure!  I hope we get some type of snowfall over the next couple weeks so we can have a white Christmas!  Time will tell, though according to my trusty iPhone weather app the only promising snowday is Wednesday of this week.  Fingers crossed!

In other news, I just realized that today is this blog's three year anniversary.  Yay!  If you have any interest in seeing where I started, check out my very first post here .

Happy Monday and happy anniversary to me!  Hopefully I'll get in the mood to write again before it's been another month.   Fingers crossed for a second time!

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