What I Read: Look Again

This was another book which was lent to me by my older sister and in some ways I am glad she thought I should read it, but in other ways I am quite upset with her for passing this on to me!  I won't spoil the ending, or even the middle, but I will say this much: this book was capital-e Emotional!

Lisa Scottoline

The basic outline of the book (without giving away any of the twists, of which there are several!) is as follows:

Ellen Gleeson is a report and a single mom to her adopted son Will.  She has recently done a story on a missing child, and one day a missing child flyer catches her attention because the boy it features looks very much like Will.  She tries to shake off the uneasy feeling she has about it, but she struggles to do so and decides to do some investigating of her own.  The rest is up to you to read about if you so desire!

Part of the reason for this being so emotional for me to read might just be because I am a new mom and a book about a (possibly) being abducted from loving parents and adopted to a new, loving family is heart-breaking to me on a plethora of levels.

Look Again book

The night I finished this book, Jake had come home from the farm and I was reading as Bonnie napped.  I only had 50 or so pages to go, but because I was so close to finishing the book I couldn't put it down!  Jake was on dinner duty so I could read those last pages - and he was also on supportive husband duty as I reacted to everything going on in the book.  All the feelings were around in this book!  

I had never read any books by Lisa Scottoline, but I did a quick Google search of her name and she has definitely written quite a few!  I would definitely read more books by her, but if they turn out to be as emotionally draining for me as this one was I think I'd have to put a couple books in between her books - I couldn't handle reading them back-to-back. 

For Look Again I would do a rating of 4/5 stars.  It kept my attention, I became attached to the characters, but there were times when I just didn't completely buy what was happening.  It was still good though, and I recommend it!

Have you already read it?  Would you like to?  If you have, or if you'd like to read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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