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Ten Months with Bonnie Ann

Seriously, can someone please slow down the clocks so my girl doesn't hit a full year of age so soon.  I don't think that's how time works, though, so I guess we are full steam ahead!

 Bonnie Ann is a crawling machine and has lately been testing the water by seeing if she can stand on her own.  She hasn't taken any steps or even stood for a long amount of time, but she's getting stronger at it for sure.  It won't be long now!

She has started to mimic sounds that we make to her more often, which is a lot of fun.  It's like having our very own human version of a parrot who can only make a couple sounds (except much cuter, of course).  She still doesn't seem to connect these sounds to people or things, but she talks up a storm throughout the day!

We are very lucky that she is still sleeping through the night as she has been since she was pretty darn little.  Even in the morning or after her nap she will hang out in her crib for twenty minutes or so just examining her hands, the mattress or talking to herself.  She seems perfectly content so we let her hang out until she starts getting a bit fussy.  I think we all appreciate a little bit of quiet time, right?

Bonnie Ann is a big fan of food; anytime, anywhere, if you give her something she will test it out.  She almost always makes a huge grimace and shakes her head after trying something for the first time as if it is the grossest thing ever, but on bite two she's a fan!

Speaking of head shakes, one of her new favorite games is just that: shaking her head!  She will giggle and shake it back and forth and if Jake or I do it with her that really gets her cracking up! 

One of my favorite things is how happy Bonnie Ann is in the morning.  I go in to get her and she always has the biggest smile on her fact when she sees me (and, of course, I melt!)  When we're leaving her room I grab her nook from her bed and almost always end up with the ring part of it being held between my teeth.  I did it once just because I was carrying something else, but now I do it because of her reaction that I love :)  As we walk down the hallway she normally looks around for a bit, but eventually she looks at me, sees the nook, giggles and grabs it from me and puts it back in her own mouth.  I don't know why I find it so funny but I just love it!  That's normally followed by one of her 'pat-pat-pats' on my shoulder, as if to tell me 'it's okay, mom, I just wanted that back.'

We had her nine-month appointment at about 9 1/2 months old and everything is right on target which is always nice to hear :)  It can be a bit nerve-racking as a new parent; you're not sure if you're doing things correctly or royally screwing them up (can anyone else relate?) but to have the doctor say she's thriving is great!

It won't be long now until she's 11 months old - and then we'll really be on the countdown to a year!

Until next time,

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