Introvert? Extrovert? What the heck am I?

This is a super random post, but I just saw someone post on Facebook about being an introvert and it got the wheels in my brain turning and I couldn't help but wonder - what the heck am I?  I know that labels aren't able to fully account for all aspects of a personality, but I feel like there must be something that more closely applies to me than just introvert or extrovert.  So if you're well-read in these matters and can give me your two cents I'd appreciate it!

Introvert or Extrovert?

If I'm in a group of people I know and am comfortable with, I have NO problem being the center of attention.  In fact, I enjoy being the center of attention!  I will tell jokes, make myself the butt of those jokes and be open, honest, loud and fun (well, I think so at least!)

If I'm one-on-one with someone I know I feel fine.  I can small talk about anything that comes up (or at least attempt to hold my own!) and I have zero problems with eye contact, sharing things about myself or just continuing the conversation.

If I'm one-on-one with someone I don't know very well, I am also generally fine.  I can normally navigate well enough to find a commonality we share and allow a conversation to continue naturally from there.  I may not be as open or honest right off the bat, and I definitely won't be as loud or jokester-like as I would be with people I know well, but I am not uncomfortable.

If I'm in a large group where I know only one or two people it starts to get a bit trickier.  I might function well, but I might shut down and find something on the floor in front of me really interesting.  I suppose being comfortable in groups of new people might be a learned talent, I guess I just missed those lessons!

If I'm in a larger group where I know no one?  Good luck to me!  I do not generally function well in these environments.  I get nervous, anxious, quiet and honestly look for the exit as quickly as I can.  This isn't to say that I can never function.  If it's an event that's work-related or otherwise a necessity I can 'fake it til I make it' with the best of em' and people might never know that I'm feeling uncomfortable at all.  At a purely social event, though?  Yeah no I'm out!

Soooooo if anyone could analyze me and tell me what the heck this makes me I would greatly appreciate it!  This all ties into my opinion of myself as a Beachbody Coach and how I have often put myself out there as someone who has all the confidence in the world. I will post my sweaty selfies in the morning, I will share my weight (often a no-no for people, but it doesn't bother me at all) and I will invite people to my challenge groups.  NOT because I am trying to insinuate that those people are overweight or need help, but rather because I know that I have found incredible value in creating and being a part of a small community of people who are focusing on their health and fitness - and all the benefits have not be strictly related to fitness.  I became more confident, more open, more empowered and more in control of my own life through challenge groups, and I want to share that opportunity with people.  That's why I invite to my groups, because I think in today's social media-driven society real personal connection or conversation (even if it only happens on a social media platform) is important; we need to have more camaraderie than one can get through a 'like' feature!

So that is me in a nutshell.  

Again, if you could explain me to myself, that'd be great! 

(And if you're interested in learning more about this whole challenge group camaraderie I mentioned, please take this as your formal invitation to my upcoming group!  All you need to do is fill out this application and I will get back to you!)

Until next time,

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