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Insanity Re-Boot

Welp, here I am two weeks since my last post (for real, where did that time go?!) and I have a confession to make and a decision to announce.

I have been absolutely loving getting back into Insanity.  It is intense, exciting a little bit crazy and it works my butt off - it was everything I was looking for in a workout!  On the workout side of things I have been doing great.  For the rest of my journey, though, I've been struggling.  I'm not ashamed to admit it!  This has been an ongoing struggle for the past couple months and I simply haven't been able to get my head in the right place and make the changes I know I need to make.  

For a health and fitness coach it can honestly get a bit embarrassing that I'm still trying to lose the baby weight, but being embarrassed or frustrated is absolutely no reason to throw in the towel, so I'm not giving up!  I know I can do this and that I will do this!

The past couple weeks, while I've been loving the workouts, I've struggled with my nutrition.  Between two family weekends away and the MN State Fair I have been surrounded by temptation and I haven't always made the best choices.  That's 100% on me, and it's also 100% on me to rectify it.

So, starting tomorrow, I have decided that I am going to re-start the Insanity program and work hard to stick to my meal plan each day.  I'm re-committing myself to my ban on alcohol, though perhaps not 100% like I had been doing.  A glass of wine every now and then, but only maybe... I haven't completely decided yet.  So until I do, I'm going with no alcohol at all.  

My meal plan for the week is prepped and I'm going back to a clean eating-style plan - I'll share that this week as well!  There are only a couple months left in the year and I intend to get the most out of them that I can - wish me luck and follow along with me @ashleykrek on Instagram!  If you've struggled with baby weight I'd love to hear your stories, too!

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