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Insanity Round Two

Ack!  I honestly can't believe that I just started back up with Insanity!  I'm so nervous, so excited and so looking forward to what this program will do for my health and fitness, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being nervous too!  When I first started on my Beachbody journey, I jumped into Insanity and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.  I knew that people mentioned it was difficult, but I was so motivated by the before & afters I kept seeing that I just jumped at the workout and stuck with it.  There was a fire in my belly that told me I was meant for MORE than I was giving myself credit for.  I knew that I wanted to make a change and I knew that Insanity could be the vehicle of that change.  Well, change I did!

Insanity Before & After

Above are my measurements and changes that happened after 75 days of Insanity and I am darn proud of these results!  The girl in the before pictures wasn't proud of health and just didn't really care about it.  I would laugh it off and pretend to be confident when I truly was the furthest thing from confident.  The girl in those black shorts though?  She had started a lifestyle of confidence, fitness, belief and change.  Now, after having a baby and struggling to lose the baby weight, I am starting Insanity over again to see if I can re-harness the power of the program and get some more awesome results!

My official day one of the program was Sunday morning, which is when I did the Fit Test.  Whoo-whee that was INTENSE!!!   I couldn't believe how much I was sweating and how out of breath I was, but it felt great!  I've now completed another two days of the program and I'm reminded of something I learned the first time around: it never gets easier, you just get better.  At the end of every workout I expect to still be just as covered in sweat and out of breath as I have been, I'll just hopefully be able do do a couple more jumps, squat a bit deeper and lunge a bit lower.  Time, of course, will tell, but I have some big goals to hit!

Insanity Workout

Weight-wise, I have a goal of getting back to 180 pounds.  This is a big goal for sure, and I'm not putting all my stock in the scale, but I would still like to see it hit that!  I would also like to see my measurements drop and my stamina for the workouts increase.  Lastly, I have a little black flower dress that was just starting to fit before I got pregnant and I would love to rock it again!

The next couple months are going to be a bit hectic, a bit tiring, a bit crazy (or maybe insane would be the appropriate word choice?!) but I can't wait!

For a meal plan I will be follpowing the clean eating principles as I did on the first round.  Hey, what isn't broken doesn't need fixing, right?!

If you would like to follow along, please check back on this blog and follow my journey over on Facebook at My Fortitude Fitness!

If you would like to join me on this journey (with this or another workout program!), please fill out the application form below!  I have two challenge groups starting this month and I would be honored to help you hit your own health & fitness goals!

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