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What a Difference a Year Makes

 Aaaah!  It's my birthday, so please excuse me while I put on my Birthday Princess hat.  (Okay, not really.  But that would be fun!)

I was thinking about how much different life is today than it was a year ago and then 2 years ago as well - it is crazy how much difference a year can make!

2 years ago I was turning 26, coming up to my 1st anniversary and I was just starting on a year of no alcohol. I had already completed the Insanity program but I was still pretty new to the health-and-fitness lifestyle. I had no idea what the next two years had in store for me!

When I decided to try to go a year without drinking any alcohol, it was for a bunch of different reasons. One of those reasons, though, was because I saw that if a girl went out and didn't order a drink, it was often assumed that she was pregnant.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could refrain from drinking without it revolving around a baby.  Just that I could do it for me and no other reason!  Well, that lasted really well for the first six or so months, and then it became a mix of my own year-long mission and little miss Bonnie Ann growing - but I still was proud of that year!  I will now occasionally have a drink, but this doesn't happy very often and I know 100% that I am capable of just not having a drink if I don't want one.  I didn't have a problem with alcohol before, but I am afraid I let peer pressure influence me more often that I might have wanted to admit.  Not anymore!  It's a pretty darn good feeling, I must admit!

Me in August 2013!

Now, August 2014 was a whole different story!  I was about 2/3 of the way through my pregnancy, I was starting to feel a bit huge but I was enjoying it.  I was getting truly anxious to meet the little Mr. or Miss (though I was a bit convinced they would announce that I had a son in November - but I was wrong!  At this point last year I honestly couldn't imagine being here today with an 8 month old.  The next year seemed daunting, overwhelming and like it would take forever - but no, it has absolutely flown by!  

The bump wasn't crazy bit yet, but there was a definite jump between 21 and 25 weeks!

Now, today, 2015!  I'm turning 28 (WOW!) and I have the most beautiful little eight month old.  I have a growing team of incredible coaches working with me, I still work part-time outside of the home but most of my time is spent playing with little miss Bonnie Ann.  I feel like the last couple years have truly brought me to an incredible place and I couldn't feel more blessed than I do right now!  Currently I am working out with Cize (Shaun T is, and probably always will be, my favorite trainer!) and I am working hard to get the baby weight off.  I struggle (but who doesn't?!) but I am not giving up - and not giving up is so much more than half the battle!

This little lady and me just yesterday!

Three years ago I was days away from getting married.
Two years ago I was becoming a healthier version of me for myself, my husband and the family I hoped to have.
Last year I was a soon-to-be mom.
Today I am a mom who wants to do the best I can for my daughter and husband while also taking care of me.

It's a pretty wonderful life - happy day!

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