Today in History: August 18

It has been too long since I have done a Today in History Shakeology post - but better late than never again, right?  Today is August 18th and there was something very special that happened today in history.  (Though, admittedly, you won't find this in any history books.  I'm doing a personal Today in History for this one!)

Today in 2012 (three very short AND very long years ago - I can't believe it's already been three years and I can't believe it has only been three years!) Jake and I got married!

We had started dating in the beginning of 2010, got engaged on September 10, 2012 and got married August 18, 2013. The night that we got engaged, my sister asked if we had thought about when we'd like to get married - and we told her the exact date! Clearly we had been talking about it before he asked :)  

For my entire life I knew that I wanted to get my wedding cake from Jack's Bakery in my hometown (now, very sadly, closed!)  Jack's was my sister's first job, my brother's first job and my first job - we had a lot of hours invested in that place!  They seriously made the best cakes and frostings ever so there was just no other option for me.  A couple places we looked at for venue would have required us to get a cake from a specific bakery - wasn't going to happen!  

At Jack's my favorite type of cake was their almond cake with almond buttercream, so naturally I had that cake for our main centerpiece cake because I knew I would get served that at the head table.  It was delicious!

So, for my Today in History, I made Vanilla Almond Cake Shakeology - let's just say this - YUM!!!

3/4 C Milk of choice
3/4 C Water (more if desired)
Vanilla Shakeology
2 T vanilla cake mix
1/2 t almond extract
Ice (I used 6 cubes)

Yes, it's true that this isn't the absolute healthiest Shakeology recipe out there, but as an occasional treat I think it's worth it!  

I'd love to hear what you think of this after trying it!  And if you would like to try it but don't have Shakeology, let me know!  I have samples available for purchase and I would love to get some to you!

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