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Cize, Week Five

Five weeks of Cize down and only one to go - one?!  That's crazy to me!!!

The past five weeks have absolutely flown by.  The month of August has my family celebrating my birthday, Jake's birthday AND our anniversary.  Along with that I had some things at work that took up more of my time than usual outside of the house so it has not been smooth sailing for me, but I'm still here and I'm still committed to making the changes and getting back to where I want to be.

During this hectic time Cize has been a great option for me as a workout because it truthfully doesn't feel like I'm working out.  Even with sweating up a storm, it's a lot of fun to dance around my living room and learn the choreography.  From a girl who hasn't had a dance class in two decades, the fact that I feel pretty confident in how well I picked up the choreography is definitely saying something!

Results, results, results.

Those are a sticky point right about now.

I have been struggling to collect some scale victories, but my non-scale victories have been on point!  Honestly, I'm happier with the non-scale victories than I think I would be with seeing the scale drop.
Sure, I have some scale-related goals that I am working towards, but my other goals are more important to me.  Lately I have felt great, I have had energy, been sleeping well and did I mention that I have felt great?  Those things are what I'm really paying attention to!

About two months after Bonnie Ann was born I would have given anything to just feel great.  I was over the lingering pain of childbirth (whoowee it definitely doesn't stop hurting right away!!) and I was starting to workout again.  Somehow, though, I re-triggered an old back injury and I re-triggered it in a big way!  I couldn't walk, I could hardly move, it hurt to lift anything and I had to have my mom come down to take care of both Bonnie and me.  I didn't trust myself to be alone with her because I truly was in so much pain I couldn't do much.

I ended up going to the chiropractor and that helped immensely in the beginning.  I was able to move, to walk, to bend over and even just being able to do those things again was incredible to me.  Eventually I added workouts back in to my routine, but I opted to start Body Beast because weight lifting seemed like a better option than crazy cardio and jumping.  I'm glad I did that program because it really did help me as I recovered and became stronger.

Then Cize came along.  I was a bit wary of the jumping associated with dancing, but I am SO glad I made the leap and went for it - my back feels GREAT since starting this program!  I honestly think that it has helped loosen up my back muscles, added in some flexibility and built up some strength.  Those three things are crucial and it has helped with all of them!

So, having a healthy back again?

Best victory there can be!

It's crazy to think that there is only one week left in Cize but I'm excited for it!

Then?  I think I'll be jumping into something a bit more intense.

Watch and see!

If you are up for a challenge and want to get started on your own journey, comment below with your email address or email me directly at .  I have a group starting September 7th that will not only focus on our physical health, but it will also incorporate mental, emotional and nutritional help.  This is a small-group format but I would love to have you fill up one of the spots!

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