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Cize: Week 4

Oops!  Let's call last week one big fail in terms of blogging!  I completely skipped my weekly update on how Cize has been going!  So today will be an update of two weeks.

I am still going strong with Cize and I am still loving it!  Week 4 has been the In the Pocket choreography and it is a lot of fun.  To be honest, I often find myself doing the dance throughout the day with whatever music is playing.  Bonnie Ann cracks up seeing me dance around the house and it's fun for me, too!

Not to get too TMI, here, but let's just say that my not-quite-monthly visitor made it's arrival and that threw my game off a bit.  This whole getting back to normal thing after having a baby has been difficult!  This latest is just my second since Bonnie has been born, but I'm hoping that it gets more regular from here on out. The last couple weeks I have had cramps, bloating, fatigue and more emotional that normal.  It was a relief to have it back so I could understand what the heck was going on!  

Because of all that and finding it difficult to stick to my meal plan as strictly as normal (plus two weekends away from home and more time in the office) the scale hasn't changed much.  Now that work will be a bit calmer and my body isn't going as crazy as it was, I expect that to change!  I only have two weeks left in Cize and then my plan is to go through another round, but this time do the advanced version.  That might change in the next couple weeks, but for now that is my thought process!

I am actually up just a bit since the end of week two, but with a renewed commitment to ME and my results, that won't be around for long!

Yep, not exactly what I would like to see but I am proud of myself for not skipping workouts, not throwing in the towel and calling it a day, and sticking with it even when my body has been fighting me a bit.  Perseverance WILL get me there, I know it!

Are you interested in trying Cize?  If so, fill out the application below and we can chat about your goals and how I can best support you!  If you're not interested in Cize, I can still help!  We have a ton of different programs available so there is truly something for everyone!

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