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Cize, Week 2

Welp, here I am with two weeks of Cize in the bag!

Let me start this by saying that I am not, in any way-shape-or form, a dancer.  I did a couple years of kiddie dance (I remember dancing to Mickey Mouse!) and that was about it.  The thing is, I think all of us have a dancer hidden somewhere in us just busting to break out.  I mean, who doesn't sometimes dance around their house when no one else is around?!

After two weeks of Cize, though, I'm feeling a bit more like a dancer and a bit less like a lady with five left feet!

The first week of Cize was a lot of fun, but the second week was even better!  I was able to build on the moves we learned the first week and elaborate along with Shaun T, so I didn't feel completely overwhelmed or like I would never figure it out.  The first day was a bit of a mess, but by day six I was rocking along!  The funny thing with this program is that even though I was a bit lost on the first day, I found myself re-playing the final dance portion two or even three times because I was having a lot of fun and I just wanted to perfect each move!  Most workouts do not leave me feeling like "ohhhh gosh I just want to do that again right now because it was fun!"  After a couple times of re-playing the last couple minutes, though, it was shower time because I was a sweaty mess!

I'm excited to start week three and get my groove going even more, but for now, I suppose I should share some results!

Between last week and this week I lost another 1.6 pounds - pretty darn nifty if I do say so myself!  Last week my goal was to be somewhere in the 215s, and I'm proud to say I did that!  Even more than that, though, I lost some space around my waist, arms and legs - and that is super exciting for me!

I'm loving this program, the pace of it, the workouts, the music, Shaun T (because of course!) and the meal plan that comes along with it is INCREDIBLE!  I seriously can't say enough good things about this program!  

I'm excited to finish out week three and see how I improve.  Each week my goal is to just be a little bit better than I was the week before, and I have no doubt that I can hit this goal!

Are you interested in Cize?  In learning more about how I, as a coach, can help you hit your health and fitness goals?  Are you ready to boogie your way to health?

Just fill out this application below to be considered for a spot in my upcoming challenge group on August 17 (if you're reading this after August 17, 2015, please still fill out the application to be considered for a spot in my next group!)  I would love to be able to help you reach and exceed your goals - let's do this!

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