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Cize - the Finale

Well guys, I've done it!

I have officially completed the entire CIZE workout program!  Talk about the end of exercise!  This was a fun program, it was challenging, exciting and definitely had me sweating everyday.  Cize is so different from all the other workout programs I have done, but doing something different was refreshing and it made it easy to press play each day!  Before doing Cize I had done a full round of Body Beast, and I am not lying when I say that these two programs are like night and day!  It was a big change but an awesome one!

Cize also got me prepped for the next step - Insanity!  When I first started my Beachbody journey, it was with Insanity, and I had incredible results.  It has been quite a while since I completed that program, but starting on Sunday I am back at it and I have big goals!  More will be coming on Insanity tomorrow, though.  Today is all about Cize!

Cize workout

Let's talk results!

I didn't lost 25 pounds, and I didn't lose 25 inches.  I don't have killer before & after pictures and so some might say that I didn't get great results.  That's where those people would be wrong.  As of Sunday morning, I was at 217.8, which is a couple pounds from where I started and I'm happy with that!  Considering that I spent Saturday evening at the MN State Fair (which doesn't tend to include super healthy choices) AND Saturday was my rest day, I know that the 217.8 is a bit misleading.  The number would be lower than that if it weren't for the 'day after' effect of crappy food and water retention.  So even with all that, I'm happy that I'm down a couple pounds!  

My chest and my waist measurements also decreased which I was happy to see!

Cize happened, and I'm so glad it did, and I know it helped prep me for what's next!  I know I will be returning to Cize again, though!

Until next time,

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