Today in History: July 21

Oops!  I'm a day late for this edition of "Today in History" - time slipped away from me!  So, let's call this one "Yesterday in History".  Which, I suppose, in a bit redundant, right?  

On July 10, 1925, the "Monkey Trial" began in Tennessee.  John Scopes, a teacher, was accused of breaking Tennessee law by teaching evolution.  What's really interesting about this is that Scopes planned to get accused of this - he wanted to go on trial for it because he wanted to bring awareness of what was going on and get the law changed.

On July 21, 1925, the Monkey Trial closed with a guilty verdict - but one that the defense had asked for, in order to leave open the chance of an appeal.  The law is always interesting to read about - I can't make this stuff up!

If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend doing so.  It's pretty interesting!  I'll add links to this post :)

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