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Body Beast Woman's Results Week 3 Beast Phase

I know that I say this every week, but I can't believe another week is already gone!  I have only ONE week left of the entire Body Beast program and that absolutely blows my mind!

Woman's Body Beast Results

This morning when I was doing Build: Legs I felt stronger than I have before.  I was able to do In & Outs better than I ever have, and the calf raises were much easier to get through than before.  I love that!  When I first started Body Beast I could get about 15 seconds through the calf raises and then I would have to take a break for a couple seconds before I could finish out the 30 seconds.  To be able to do them straight through is a great feeling!  This program has really helped me break up with the scale.  So often our only gauge of progress we care about is the number on the scale, but I can honestly say that I feel incredible and though the scale fluctuates, I don't even care!  My measurements have consistently gone down so I am a very happy camper!  After finishing Body Beast I will be moving on to Cize, a new dance workout, which will definitely be a big change!  It will be fun to do something a little bit different though!

Body Beast Results Woman

Seeing my arm measurements shrink up on me is my FAVORITE thing about this program.  My arms have always been my weak spot / area I'm most self-conscious about, so I'm glad to see changes there.  Today while I was doing the calf raises, I could see my bicep as my arm rested on the support, and it made me smile!  Those arm muscles have normally been hiding under fat layers - I'm glad to say "so long, suckers!" to those extra layers!

Just one more week and then I will be able to say that I finished Body Beast in its entirety!  That is crazy but I cannot wait!  Then I'll be sharing my results with Team Beachbody so I can nab my free shirt - I can't wait to rock it!  I have a feeling I will definitely be incorporating Body Beast into my regular workout routine again very shortly.  I just loved it!

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