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Eight Months with Bonnie Ann

Someone, please pinch me so I know this is real.  We officially have an eight month old in our house!  I swear it was just last week that I was writing about Bonnie Ann turning seven months old, and now here she's gone and aged another month already!
The last month has been a lot of fun and we have definitely been kept on our toes.  Bonnie and I had our first stretch of time apart from each other when I went to Nashville for Beachbody's Coach Summit.  I was gone from Wednesday through Sunday and when I got home all I wanted to do was snuggle that little lady!  

Over the last month she has cut three new teeth - three!!  Let's just say there has been a lot of drooling going on around here (No joke.  There has been a lot of it!)  The new ones are her top front teeth and her top left-of-center tooth.  They're not completely grown in, but they've made an appearance so the chewing she had been doing in the beginning of the month has slowed down a lot.

Bonnie Ann has also become quite a crawler!  It was a couple weeks ago that she started to pull herself forward and she's getting better at it every day.  It's still a bit of an army crawl, as she hasn't quite figured out how to move forward while holding her belly off the ground, but she's getting there!  She can rock herself back and forth while on her hands and knees, so I think she'll be full-on crawling soon.

Clapping has become her favorite thing to do lately.  Jake and I both clap with her fairly often, and it always cracked her up when we would clap her hands for her.  Slowly but surely she figured out she could do it by herself and now she loves it!  I might just be a proud mom, but I think she's starting to learn the pick up on what the word 'clap' means, because if you ask her to clap she will do it most of the time.  Hard to say for sure, though!

Bonnie has been trying out a lot more food and she's doing great with them.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, cherries, apples, peas, nectarines, peaches, grapes and pears are just some of the things she's tried.  She loves having fruit in those mesh grippers and feeding herself.  Frozen cherries when those teeth were coming in were a lifesaver!

Six month clothes are still fitting, but nine months are also worn fairly often.  When she was first born I couldn't imagine her filling out nine month clothes, but I know she'll be growing out of them soon.  Aaaah time, slow down!

Along with clapping and crawling, Bonnie has been learning how to pull herself up on people and hold onto something to balance herself so she can stand on her own.  I think we still have a while until she's walking, but I know she's interested in figuring it out!  

Her babbles are starting to sound more like actual speech, too.  Instead of the baby grunts and groans,they're turning into recognizable noises that sound like actual speech.  Da-da-da-da is the most common so far!

I can't believe Bonnie Ann is already eight months old - but I know the next month will fly by as well, and before I know it I'll have a nine-month old! I'm excited to see what the next month has in store for us!

Until next time,


Cize Results, Week 1

My first week of Cize is already over - where did that time go?!  They say that time flies when you're having fun, and I think they are right.  Cize has been an absolute blast!  I have honestly enjoyed every single day of my 'workout' (but it doesn't even feel like a workout - it just feels fun!)  When I'm done with the workout though?  That's when it feels like a workout.  Every day I am just dripping in sweat (and I love it!)

If you're not already familiar with Cize, I'll tell you a bit about it.  Cize is a new dance/workout by Shaun T.  Shaun T also created Insanity, Focus T25, Insanity Max 30, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body and others.  Personally, he's kind of my fitness trainer spirit animal - I have had the best results with his programs and I have enjoyed each of them!  When I heard about Cize coming out I knew it was going to be on my play list immediately!

Basically, Shaun T teaches you a dance (that is set to a current, popular song) and gets you sweating along the way.  He introduces one move after another until you have built up to knowing the entire dance.  Once you've learned it, it's time to "Cize it up!" where you give it everything you've got. 
Cize comes with two plans - beginner and advanced.  In a typical workout program, the 'beginner' version is for people who need to use modifications or are just starting on their health journey, whereas the advanced is for people who are already physically fit and just working on continuing the journey.  Cize, though, is a whole new ball game!  In Cize, the beginner version is for people who are not as fast at picking up choreography, whereas the advanced is better for people who have quick muscle memory.  For the first round I am doing the beginner plan, but I think I will do the advanced plan after I finish this first round.

In case you can't already tell, I love Cize! 

It is intense, but not crazy intense with burpees and lunges for days {I.Hate.Lunges}. 

It is fun, which you don't always experience with workouts!
Shaun T is motivating, but not in an annoying, overboard type of way.
It gets you SWEATING!  I've heard from some people who are concerned that it's more about dance and less about working out - but believe me, if you put some effort into it you will definitely get an incredible workout!
The workouts are short.  No hour-long workouts here!  They range from about 30-45 minutes, and that time flies by!
They're family-friendly.  Bonnie's not quite at a dancing age yet, but if you had older kids who want to join in with you as you're doing your workouts but can't quite handle some of the more intensive workouts, this would be a great option!
It comes with an awesome meal plan.  It is easy to plan out, easy to stick with and easy to understand.  If you have previously done 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme and are familiar with the portion control containers, then this meal plan will be a breeze.  It changes up some of the serving guidelines, but other than that it's very similar.  Even if you haven't done either of the Fixes, though, that's ok!  The Cize meal plan breaks each recommended portion down into measurements, so you don't need the containers.  (If, however, you want to use the containers, you can buy those separately.)

Results!  I'm only a week into Cize, but I'm already feeling great.  I have lost some weight and my measurements have gone down a bit, as well.  I'm hoping to keep this momentum up through next week - wish me luck!

Here they are, as of one week into the program:

Not too shabby!!

Two pounds in a week?  I'll take it!  I felt like I was able to stick to my meal plan pretty consistently (though, to be completely honest, I had a bachelorette party on Saturday night that included lemon bars.  Oops!  I didn't indulge in any alcohol, though, so I think I'll still call it a win.)  I've been repeating the same meal plan from day-to-day, with just a couple changes to make it exciting.  I love doing it that way because it simplifies the whole process!

My goal for next week is to be somewhere in the 215s weight-wise.  If it doesn't happen, that's fine, but that's what I'm aiming for!  Wish me luck!

Are you interested in trying out Cize?  If so, fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you!  I'm here to help you stay committed and see the results YOU want.  Let's Cize it up!

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Today in History: July 21

Oops!  I'm a day late for this edition of "Today in History" - time slipped away from me!  So, let's call this one "Yesterday in History".  Which, I suppose, in a bit redundant, right?  

On July 10, 1925, the "Monkey Trial" began in Tennessee.  John Scopes, a teacher, was accused of breaking Tennessee law by teaching evolution.  What's really interesting about this is that Scopes planned to get accused of this - he wanted to go on trial for it because he wanted to bring awareness of what was going on and get the law changed.

On July 21, 1925, the Monkey Trial closed with a guilty verdict - but one that the defense had asked for, in order to leave open the chance of an appeal.  The law is always interesting to read about - I can't make this stuff up!

If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend doing so.  It's pretty interesting!  I'll add links to this post :)

But for now, do you want to try Chunky Monkey Shakeology?  (Hint: the answer should be YES because this stuff is delicious!)

I'd love to hear what you think of this one if you try it!  And, as always, if you'd like to try Shakeology for the first time, please let me know.  I have options to order packets along the right-hand side of this screen (if you're on a mobile device, you might have to view the full page to see it), or you can comment below or shoot me a message at

This is one of my new favorites (though I do limit it because of the peanut butter and honey!)

Until next time,


Cize, Day 1

Aaaaand it's finally been released!  This weekend when I was at Summit (more on that another day), Shaun T's newest program, Cize, was released for coaches to buy.  I bought it and couldn't wait to get home and pop that DVD in the player.  This morning I woke up bright and early (even though, let's be honest, all I wanted to do was sleep in!) and got my workout done.

My first thoughts?  This workout is FUN!  Often when I'm doing a workout, I'll be keeping a close eye on the clock in the corner so I know how much longer I have left.  Today?  I was shocked when it was already at just two minutes left - the time absolutely flew by!

Cize Day 1

It's hard to tell in these pictures, but I was a sweaty mess after Cize!

After doing Body Beast for 90 days, it was fun to get back into a cardio program, and I was excited to be back with Shaun T.  I loved Sagi in Body Beast, but Shaun T will always hold a special place in my heart because of my original weight loss with his programs.  I changed my life with Insanity and Focus T25, and I'm back to do it again - but this time I'll be dancing my way to results!

Speaking of results, I suppose I should share my beginnings, right?  Here is where I am as of today!

Cize Measurements

Cize Results

I'm not where I want to be, but I am on the journey and I WILL get back to where I want to be.  Cize had me sweating like crazy throughout the workout, and the nutrition plan that came with the program is really simple, using the ideas behind the 21 Day Fix but tweaking it to fit in with Cize.  

I have been really focusing on getting my water in over the last couple days, because when I was at Summit in Nashville that was a big struggle!  If I stay consistent with the workouts, the water intake and sticking to a meal plan of healthy food and Shakeology I know I will get the results I want to get; I can't wait to see them!

Each week I will be updating my blog with my results and some notes on how the week went for me.  Look for my first update post next week!  For now, I'll leave you with a question.  Are you interested in dancing your way to weight loss and healthier living?  I have a Cize Launch Group opening now and I would love to have you in it!  All you have to do is fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

Let's do this!

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Body Beast Results

That's it!  Stick a fork in me, I am DONE with Body Beast!  I honestly cannot believe how quickly the last 3 months have flown by.  I was a bit nervous to start Body Beast because it is unlike anything I have ever done before - but I am SO glad that I started it and stuck with it.  I have become so much stronger than I was and I love that I can actually FEEL my ab muscles when I'm working out again.  My arms are more toned and I just feel better and stronger overall.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I wasn't perfect while doing Body Beast.  I struggled with nutrition and meal prepping.  Some people assume that working out will be the difficult part of any health and fitness journey, and that's just not true!  Eating well is almost always the most difficult part.  I struggled a bit, but hey, I'm human!  I have no problem owning up to those struggles - and I have no doubt that I will overcome them!

I am absolutely beyond proud to report that I didn't miss a single workout.  A couple got pushed back a day or doubled up, but that only happened a couple times.  I would say that 95% of the workouts were done on their assigned day, first thing in the morning.  I started the Body Beast program on a Sunday, rather than a Monday, just because I would rather have Saturdays as a rest day than Sundays, and a lot of the rest days fell on "Day 7" of each week - so I made it work for Saturday to be the 7th day in my workout week.

So what did I think of Body Beast?  In short, I loved it!

I loved how it made me feel, I loved the pace of the workouts and I loved Sagi as a trainer.  He was funny, he pushed me, and he made me feel comfortable with the workout without getting bored.  Before Body Beast I had truly never done any type of weightlifting program before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was a lot of fun and a challenge for sure, but in the best way possible!

When I first started Body Beast, I was torn between it and Focus T25 for another round.  I had had great results with T25 (you can see those here) but I was a bit nervous about the jumping and cardio because of my back.  I had screwed it up and was just in the healing process, so I ended up going with Body Beast.  I'm so glad I did!  My back is so much stronger than it was, and I feel a lot more comfortable moving forward with new cardio workouts - but I know that I will be back to Body Beast again!

Body Beast Woman's Results

So, how about some results?!  I am proud of my results, but there are changes I see and feel that can't be seen through pictures and measurements.  However, I'm still proud of what has changed!

The pictures above don't show a huge, drastic change.  I didn't trim down in a huge way, and they're not really pictures that would make you go 'holy crap those are huge differences"!  But, I can see that my midsection has flattened out and shaped up a bit.  The ever-present "muffin top" has been sucked in a bit, and my posture has improved.  My bra fits me better (I've kept this same sports bra for my progress pictures since I started with Insanity two years ago - I like being able to compare pictures when I'm wearing the same thing.

I know, with no question, that I was my own undoing when it comes to seeing better results.  I faltered on my meal planning more often than I would like, and that definitely slowed down some of my progress.  The important thing?  I didn't give up, I didn't give in, and I'm still in it to win it!

Body Beast Results Woman

The one thing that really didn't change much was my weight, and I have learned how to be ok with that.  So often we focus on just the scale and fret if it's not changing as quickly as we might like to see.  The fact that my measurements have changed, though, shows me that I have lost fat and replaced it with muscle, because 1 pound of muscle takes up less space than 1 pound of fat.  So I am totally happy with my results!  If I hadn't struggled with my nutrition, I am sure they would be even better, but I'm not going to dwell on that - I'm going to move forward!

And there you have it!  My results from my first round of Body Beast.  It's been an exciting and fun three months, and I'm excited for what's next: Cize!!

If you want to learn more about Body Beast, or any other Beachbody program and start on your own health and fitness journey, please reach out!  I love helping people set goals and crush them, and I would love to help you do the same!  All you have to do is fill out the following application; I will then be in touch within 24 hours to chat more about how I can help you!

Until then,

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What I Read: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

It has been a while since I have shared a book that I've read, and I missed taking the opportunity to spend a couple minutes reflecting on a book by writing a blog post after I've finished it.  So, today, I decided to bring it back!  Welcome to the very first new edition of What I Read!

A month or so ago I joined an online book club with a group of ladies from my town and the surrounding areas.  We picked a book that turned out to be a giant misstep (only one of us showed any real interest in it after the first week.  Boo!).  We decided to give it another go, though, and the second book was a MUCH bigger success.  I, for one, loved it!  

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

The stats:

384 pages
Followed by: Hollow City
Also followed by: Library of Souls

I will start this by saying that we did not realize before choosing this book that it was part of a series.  To be honest, I don't believe we would have chosen it had we known (our first book was the first in a series and with the distaste so many of us had for it, we wanted to avoid series in the future.  Oops!)

I have already started the second book, though, and am excited for the third to be released in September - so I'm glad we chose it!

So, what is the book all about?

Jacob grew up listening to his grandpa's tall tales of children he knew when he was younger.  Children who could levitate, had bees living inside them, were invisible or could create fire with nothing but their hands.  Children who were, for lack of a better term, peculiar.  

As Jacob grows up, he realized that his grandpa had made up the stories, and when his grandpa is savagely murdered (by animals, it is decided) in the woods behind his house, Jacob's parents begin to worry for Jacob's well-being after he seems to lose his grip on reality.  

His father takes him on a vacation to the island where his grandpa grew up, and Jacob learns some of the secrets his grandpa had kept from him.

This is a book that I highly recommend!  It kept me interested, I enjoyed the characters and I liked the style of writing.  Vintage photographs were included in the book to illustrate various characters and events, and that made it an even more interesting read.

I have no shame in admitting that the beginning of the book left me feeling a bit nervous - not that I really thought monsters were going to show up in my town, but, well, you just never know...

I found it to be a quick read, I was interested in it the entire time and I give it a five out of five stars!

Have you read it?  Are you interested in it?

I'd love to hear what you think if you have read it!

What are you reading now?


Joyeux Anniversaire!

I'm back!  Yesterday's Today in History post was so much fun I thought I'd make it two days in a row!

Today in 1951, Paris celebrated its 2000th birthday - I gotta say, it looks pretty darn good for being 2000 years old!  Now, there was a population that lived in the area before this time, but 2000 years ago (as of 1951) was considered the beginning of the "Paris" era.

I guess that means today is Paris' 2064th birthday - I don't know what else to say but Joyeux Anniversaire!

birthday cake shakeology

Picking my Shakeology for today was super simple - I wanted to make birthday cake in honor of this momentous birthday!  (You can only turn 2064 once, after all!)

I'm normally not the biggest fan of vanilla Shakeology (I'm a tried-and-true chocolate fan!) but this recipe has made a full-time believer out of me!  I have a couple recipes with vanilla that I love and this is definitely added to that list!  Normally I wouldn't add sprinkles to it, so I left those off the recipe, but they were a fun way to spruce it up a bit today.  

If you haven't tried this recipe before I highly suggest trying it - it's awesome!

If you don't have Vanilla Shakeology and would like to try it, I have individual packets for sale!  You can find those along the right hand side of the screen.  I will get them packed up and sent on to you asap!

This was a fun way to celebrate today, but I wasn't only celebrating Paris' birthday.  My life has become a daily celebration through coaching.  I get to celebrate the successes of my challengers, the breakthroughs of my coaches and the incredible things that are happening around me every single day.  It's a pretty darn incredible group of people to be surrounded by and I am grateful every day!

One of the greatest things about it is that it's not an exclusive club - it's not a popularity contest - everyone is invited!  So, I would like to invite you to join my team.  Together we can craft a life that will be more than you even dream possible.  If you want to focus solely on your health and fitness, that's great!  I have a group for you and I will be there with you every step of the way.  If you would like to focus on helping other people change their own lives, then I have a group for that as well.

As your coach, my job is to help you live your dream life - but the only way I can do that is to know you're interested!

If you are, I invited you to fill out the coach application below.  I will be in touch within the next 24 hours and we can chat about your goals, whether they are fitness, nutrition, financial or personal - or a mix of all of the above!  Beachbody coaching has changed my life and I would love to help you change yours!

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Today in History: July 7

Today in History

I'm a bit of a history nerd, and I love the chance to learn more about history but also to experiment and explore history.  Does that sound strange?  Perhaps.  The things is, history will stay history if we don't somehow bring it into the present.  We can do this by just reading about it, but if we do something with history, then we're going to retain a lot more knowledge about what's gone on before we were here.  Who doesn't like having random facts and fun stories to share?  I know I do!

So, I'm starting a new series called Today in History along with the hashtag #historicshakeology .  My plan is to learn more about what has happened in the past, and connect that to my day-to-day life by finding or creating Shakeology recipes that tie to it.  Not only will this give me an excuse to learn more, it will help push me out of my comfort zone with Shakeology - win/win!

That brings us to the today that happened 85 years ago!

Hoover Dam History

On July 7, 1930, construction on the Hoover Dam began. 

This was the very very beginning of construction on the entire Hoover Dam area; according to a memo that was released by the Department of the Interior on this date, "The first day's work began the staking out of the railroad and the construction road, surveys of which have already been completed, laying out streets for the town site, and continuation of surveys for the town site".  (This is why many dates for its construction are listed as 1931, which is also true in a way.  But July 7, 1930 marks the beginning of construction on the project in its entirety).

The Hoover Dam is located on the Arizona-Nevada border, and was originally planned to control flooding and irrigation, as well as create hydroelectric power.  At any given time between the beginning of its construction and its ending, there were an average of 21,000 builders employed.  As the USA was suffering from the Great Depression throughout its entire construction, this was a blessing to many people who may not have found work otherwise.

The Hoover Dam is named, of course, for President Hoover because of his efforts in getting it built.  Before being named the Hoover Dam, it was simply called the Boulder Canyon project.  That brings us to the Shakeology I made today in honor of the Hoover Dam: Cherry Candy!

I did some research on President Hoover, and one thing that I repeatedly noticed was that one of his favorite foods was cherries.  So it seemed natural to make a cherry shake in honor of that!

Cherry Shakeology

One word comes to mind with this: YUM!  I loved it, it was simple, tasty and had so much flavor.  I will definitely be adding this to my rotation - and I will be thinking of President Hoover and the Hoover Dam when I do!

There ya go - my very first Today in History post!  What do you think of this idea?



Body Beast Woman's Results Week 3 Beast Phase

I know that I say this every week, but I can't believe another week is already gone!  I have only ONE week left of the entire Body Beast program and that absolutely blows my mind!

Woman's Body Beast Results

This morning when I was doing Build: Legs I felt stronger than I have before.  I was able to do In & Outs better than I ever have, and the calf raises were much easier to get through than before.  I love that!  When I first started Body Beast I could get about 15 seconds through the calf raises and then I would have to take a break for a couple seconds before I could finish out the 30 seconds.  To be able to do them straight through is a great feeling!  This program has really helped me break up with the scale.  So often our only gauge of progress we care about is the number on the scale, but I can honestly say that I feel incredible and though the scale fluctuates, I don't even care!  My measurements have consistently gone down so I am a very happy camper!  After finishing Body Beast I will be moving on to Cize, a new dance workout, which will definitely be a big change!  It will be fun to do something a little bit different though!

Body Beast Results Woman

Seeing my arm measurements shrink up on me is my FAVORITE thing about this program.  My arms have always been my weak spot / area I'm most self-conscious about, so I'm glad to see changes there.  Today while I was doing the calf raises, I could see my bicep as my arm rested on the support, and it made me smile!  Those arm muscles have normally been hiding under fat layers - I'm glad to say "so long, suckers!" to those extra layers!

Just one more week and then I will be able to say that I finished Body Beast in its entirety!  That is crazy but I cannot wait!  Then I'll be sharing my results with Team Beachbody so I can nab my free shirt - I can't wait to rock it!  I have a feeling I will definitely be incorporating Body Beast into my regular workout routine again very shortly.  I just loved it!

Are you feeling ready to start a workout routine but you'd like some extra support?  Do you want to get in better shape but you're not sure where to start?

Reach out to me!  My job as a coach is to help people get the results they are craving - and I take that job seriously!  Please fill out the challenge group application below so I can get to know a bit about what you're looking for and so I can help you get all those results!

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7 Months with Bonnie Ann

It absolutely blows my mind to know that Bonnie Ann turned seven months old on Sunday.  Where did all this time go and how can I get it back?

This past month has been a very fun one for Bonnie and for us.  She is learning new things all the time and it is such a blessing to get to spend my days with her.  Jake stays home with her one day a week as well, so I can go into the office, and I know he loves these days of cuddles and naps on the couch.  

During the last month Bonnie has become an absolute pro at sitting up by herself.  She of course can't get herself to a seated position yet, but when you position her she will move around and keep her balance for the longest time.  She will sometimes get a bit too wobbly and fall backwards or to the side, but that is pretty few and far between now.

Naps have turned into an everyday occurrence and let me say, I am happy with this development!  She will normally wake up anytime between 6 and 8 and then take a 2 hour nap around 10 am.  She'll then be up until 5 or so, and will then take a quick half hour or hour-long nap.  Bedtime is normally between 8 and 9, and then the cycle begins again the next day!

She has had the two front bottom teeth for a while, and just recently a third tooth has made an appearance.  It is one of the top teeth, but not center - one that's right to the side of center.  So I suspect that there will be a couple teeth that come in quick succession here shortly.

Bonnie hasn't yet started crawling, but she can definitely get wherever she wants to go.  If you have her on the floor she will be on the other side of the room before you have a chance to blink.  Along with that, she has become very adept at spinning herself around while she's on her tummy.  If there is something that she wants to get to, she'll get there!  We feel like crawling will begin soon - I'm not sure we're ready for that yet though!!  We did put up a play pen in the living room just for when we have to take bathroom breaks or switch laundry out.  She's such a fast mover that it's nice to just have the peace of mind that she can't get into anything while we're gone!

She still enjoys blowing bubbles, scratching faces and cuddling.  Some of her new favorite things today are JUMP in her jumper - there's no slowing this lady down when she gets going!  She also does the funniest hand movements.  She'll be holding her nook and a toy (or not holding anything) and she just rolls her wrists.  I don't know why she does it but she loves to!

She and dad love giving each other high fives and she knows exactly how to do them!  She's happiest in the morning and she will greet you with the biggest smile and a bit of a Superman dance because she waves her arms and legs and balances on her belly. It's one of the things Jake and I love to see the most!

Cloth diapering is still going well, but we did start having her sleep in disposables.  They seem to be a bit more absorbent for the longer stretch of time - she loves her beauty sleep!  We'll still sometimes have a bit of a leaking issue, but it's not too bad.  I think part of the problem is that she always sleeps on her belly - the fronts of those diapers just don't have as much to them as the backs!

She got to visit with dad's cows for the first time and she was SO interested in them.  She wanted to pet them and just kept looking around at all of them.  One in particular became her friend, and the sight of her and her dad just melted my heart!

She is still in 6 month clothes, and some of the larger 3 months still fit, but those will soon be packed up because they're getting a bit snug.

Seven months - I can't believe it!  I am excited to see what the next month has in store for us!

Until then,


Healthy PB & J

I probably shouldn't even consider this worthy of making a blog post about.  Really, it's just peanut butter and jelly.  That's easy!  Regardless, I'm here, I'm typing, and by golly a blog post is going to come out of it.

I made this for myself, but when Bonnie gets old enough to eat sandwiches it will definitely be the type of peanut butter & jelly sandwich she will be given.  "Normal" peanut butter and jelly are loaded with added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients - why give these to our kids and introduce them to unhealthy habits?!

I think we sometimes assume that eating healthy or even just eating healthier has to be complicated, expensive or a big departure from what we are used to.  That's not the case at all though!  If this idea doesn't persuade you, I'm not sure what will (but really, I think this will persuade you.) 

Healthy Peanut Butter and Jelly

The ingredients, and the steps, are about as simple as they can get (added bonus - this could absolutely be used as a lunch/snack/dinner for the 21 Day Fix!)


- 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread (I only buy bread that is 100% whole wheat/grain, and I highly recommend you make the switch if you haven't already.) Each slice would be a yellow in the Fix!

- All Natural Peanut Butter (This would count for teaspoons in the Fix - as many as you want to use that will fit into your meal plan)

- Pitted, chopped cherries (or strawberries, or blueberries, or your berry of choice!)  This would be a  purple in the Fix!

The steps are the same as any other type of sandwich - put the fillings on one piece of bread, and top with the second.  Then enjoy!

Too easy - and too tasty!  How do you make your PB&J sandwiches?  Have I convinced you to try this way out?


Be A Shining Example of Fortitude

Sometimes, life can get hard.
It can pile up.
We have bills, laundry, work, play, family, friends and it can be a struggle to fit it all in.
I have been there, done that, and I know that it is not a place I enjoy being!

Perseverence Quote

Sometimes, though, life isn't all that hard.
Sometimes we make it more difficult than it has to be.
We focus on how busy we are instead of how blessed we are.
We focus on the bills we have to pay instead of the blessings we can pay forward.
We think of family and friends as a responsibility instead of a blessing.

Long story short?  We are all blessed more than we recognize.

Gratitude Quote

There are blessings around every corner, but so often we are too focused on finding a shortcut that we bypass the corners completely and forget what blessings we have.

2015 is half-way over.  We are officially on the second half of 2015 - what have you done with it so far?  Have you been able to slow down and enjoy the year, or have you been so busy rushing to get things done that you haven't been able to take a second to breathe?

2015 has been an incredible year for me so far.  I have been working in the office one day a week, and other than that day I get to hang out with my daughter.  I get to cuddle with her, feed her, play with her and just watch her grow.


I have been able to build an at-home business not by being a salesperson and pushing product on people, but rather by being a mentor, coach and source of support for people who are struggling but who want to improve their health and fitness.


I have been able to have day dates with my husband, go camping with my parents, and just enjoy life.


Later this month I get to travel to Nashville with 25,000 other Beachbody coaches and have a weekend away.   I will be able to network, create friendships, build my business and take a couple days to focus on me.


Now, I am opening my newest Coach Apprenticeship group and help other people do these same things.  I will help them help others.  I will help them create a life they love instead of going through the motions.  I will get to help them build their own dreams instead of only helping their bosses build theirs.  I will get to pay it forward simply by helping them help people.  Why not you?


If you are interested in learning more about what a coach is, how it can fit into your busy life (and perhaps help you free up some time for yourself and your family) and how you can create a life and a living by helping others, please fill out the application below.  I am only opening this up to six people.  Just six.  Why not you?

Team Beachbody Coaching

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