Weekly Meal Plan June 8th!

A I promised on Monday, I'm here to share the meal plan I made for this week.  Meal planning is something that can seem scary, complicated or too time-consuming to deal with, but in the long run it is SO beneficial to any health & wellness journey.  Without planning our meals ahead of time, we are leaving ourselves open to eat as we see fit throughout the week.  Sure, a lot of what we eat might actually be good for us, but we might not realize that we've been completely skipping fresh veggies in favor of fresh fruits, or we might be loading up on cheese instead of consuming it more sparingly.  (And that candy dish at the office or the drink after work - if they're not on our meal plans we might have more success in avoiding them!  If, however, we don't meal plan we might be more apt to give in 'just this once'...each day!)

So, I meal plan!  This helps me know what I'm eating, know what I have to cook/prep/buy for the week and it honestly helps me save money at the grocery store!  I go into the store knowing exactly what I need.  I don't just fill my cart up with "well, this is good so I'll buy it and maybe eat it" purchases.  Nope!  What I eat, I consume, and the extra splurges just don't make it in the house!

Here is my plan for this week!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast    ----------------------------------------Shakeology------------------------------------------
12 Almonds

12 Almonds

Greek Yogurt + 10 Baby Carrots
12 Almonds + Celery Nectarine + String Cheese Apple + 12 Almonds Apple + String Cheese
Pepper + Onion Frittata

Leftover Frittata

Black Bean + Corn Wrap

Leftover BB+C Wrap

Super Salad (Camping)

Super Salad (Camping)

Super Salad


String Cheese
10 Baby Carrots

String Cheese

12 Almonds + Apple

String Cheese + Nectarine

10 Baby Carrots + Almonds

PB Sandwich + Celery

10 Baby Carrots + 12 Almonds

Apple Tuna Sandwich
+ Mixed Veggies

Leftover Apple Tuna
+ Veggies
Super Salad Tilapia
 + Asparagus

Grilled Chicken
+ Veggie Kabob Boat (Camping)

Indulgance Meal  (Camping)

Breakfast for Dinner: Omelette + Whole Wheat Toast


--------------------------------------Shakeology (if hungry)------------------------------------


110 oz

110 oz

110 oz

110 oz

110 oz

110 oz

110 oz


Bk Chest

Bk Legs

Bk Arms

Bs Cardio/Abs 

Bk Back

Bk Shoulders


What does your meal plan look like?  If you want help learning how to get started meal planning, comment below!  Also, check out my post from yesterday - I have a group starting on Monday that would be perfect for you!

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