Easy, One Pan Chicken and Eggplant Meal

Easy.  Cheap.  Quick.  Tasty.  Healthy.  

Eggplant Recipe

Those are my go-to requirements for when I'm cooking.  Sure, if I'm having people over or have a good reason for fancy cooking, I might give up on easy and quick - maybe even cheap.  But tasty and healthy are required (and really, I like cheap, too.)

I love food, I love eating, but I also love not seeing my money fly out the window.  I'm okay with it if that makes me cheap!

This meal fit all of these things!  I had never bought an eggplant before (I'm really expanding my boundaries, here, folks!!) and on a whim I picked one up at the grocery store.  Then the only question that remained was what the heck to do with it??  This is what I tried and I loved it!


This recipe was split by Jake and I for dinner and there was plenty left over for leftovers for me over the weekend.  The only think I might have done differently is to cut the eggplant up a bit smaller than I did - just my two words of wisdom!

Eggplant Chicken

And here is the recipe!  If you try it I would love to hear what you think!

Eggplant Recipe

I hope you enjoy!

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