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Cut the Crap this Summer

It’s the summer – and that normally means a couple things:

1) People want to look good!!! We pull out our shorts, tank tops and swimsuits ready to rock the summer but how many times have we shoved them right back in the closet because they don’t fit?!  Forget those cute shorts, we end up wearing the shorts from 3 years ago that we swore we would never wear again unless we were 7 months pregnant.
2) We indulge. A lot. Brats, ice cream, beer, dessert, s’mores, the list goes on and on and on. Where does this all lead us? Back to number 1 – not being able to fit in our clothes but wanting to rock summer outfits!
I get it, food tastes good and we want to eat what we want to eat. But I have a proposition for you. What if, for 7 days, you joined me in cutting the crap? Not a long time - just ONE WEEK! Could you do it? Could you commit to 1 week of eating yummy food that fuels your body and makes number 1 possible?!

Starting June 15th I am running a one week Cut the Crap group on Facebook and I am going to make it EASY for you! I will create several meal plans & you can simply choose which one you want to follow! All the meals listed will come with recipes and I promise – they’ll be simple! I am not a fan of making complex, time-consuming meals, so I will be choosing meals that are easy!

If you have a workout program you are currently doing, that’s great! If not, I will do a daily post with a workout to do. It won’t require equipment so you can do it wherever you are!

One meal a day will be replaced with Shakeology – this will make that meal easy!!! I will ship it directly to your house and along with that, I will also provide you with custom recipe cards you can choose from for each day. EASY!
This group is intended for people who want to make a change and can commit to one week of CUTTING THE CRAP! I will be right there with you and be doing the exact.same.thing – together we CAN do this! (Those indulgences that I listed above? The ice cream, brats, alcohol and s’mores? That’s the crap we’re cutting – I KNOW you can do it for a week!)

To sign up for this group, comment below with your email address or email me directly at  I will be cutting the crap right alongside you and I cannot wait for this group to kick off!  

Who's with me?!

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Sarah said...

I wasn't able to cut the crap this summer... if anything, I ramped up the crap. But I'll be cutting the crap starting today and for the rest of this year, at least... Gotta get ready for next summer, and I know I need to start now!

Sarah @ Mass Gain Source