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Body Beast Woman's Results Week 9

Oops... time apparently got away from me and I never did an update last week!

How did that happen??

I can't go back in the past and fix that, but I'm here today to make sure I get this week's update published!

Body Beast Woman's Results

Let me just say again that I love this program.  I have never felt stronger that I do now.  I can feel my biceps, my calves are fierce and overall I just truly feel great.  After screwing up my back a month or so after my daughter was born I wasn't comfortable jumping into a high cardio workout, and I am so glad I decided to give Body Beast a try.  The trainer, Sagi, cracks me up everyday and I have no problems getting up in the morning for my workout.  On top of all that, my back has stayed healthy - win win win!

I have now finished nine weeks of Body Beast with only three left to go - crazy!  I am one week into the final block of it, the Beast Block (the first two blocks were Build and Bulk).  The name Beast makes it sound a bit, well, intense, and while it is definitely a great workout, it's by no means so difficult that you already have to be a beast to complete it.  I had zero weight-lifting experience before this program and I'm doing great!

Over the past couple weeks I have finally started to see the scale move and I am happy with that!  I wasn't too concerned about it before, because I was losing inches, but it's always nice to see the scale creep down a pound or two as well!

So, how about I just spit it out already, right?

Here are my measurements as of the beginning of week 10!

Body Beast Results Woman

That 217.4?  It's a big number, and I know that, but it is the smallest number I have seen during this program so I am ecstatic!  Every other measurement has also shrunk which makes me a happy camper!

I only have three weeks left in Body Beast, so I am going to keep pushing in the workouts, getting all my water in each day and really dialing in on nutrition to make these last three weeks the best they can be!

If you are wanting to start or continue your own health and fitness journey, I would love to chat to see how I can help you get back on track!  Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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