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Body Beast Woman's Results Beast Week Two

Body Beast Woman's Results

Aaaaahh!  I officially only have TWO weeks left in the ENTIRE Body Beast program!  I have so many thoughts going through my head it's hard to sort them out.  

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown!

I am proud of myself for sticking to the program and not completely skipping a workout.

Yes, I did have one or two double days because I missed the workout the day before, but I got them all in!
I LOVE my results and I worked hard for them!

Sure, I would have liked to have slimmed down a bit more, 
but I'm not hung up on that at all - that will come with Cize, I have no doubt!

Ultimately, I am proud of myself for doing this workout, sticking to it,
improving my strength and completing it!

This past week was a bit rougher than the others.  On Wednesday I had a late night, which caused me to sleep in on Thursday.  Needless to say, that workout got pushed to Thursday night, which then made me feel a bit off with my Friday morning workout.  Going of schedule is clearly not good for me!

All the workouts gone done, though, and I noticed one large non-scale victory.  In some of the workouts, Sagi has us walk out to a plank, stand back up, and walk back out again.  Throughout the entirety of the program (up until this point) I had struggled with getting these in.  I was generally doing 2 while the trainer and other participants were doing 3.  This week, though? I ROCKED all three of them!  My strength and overall fitness is improving - and I LOVE IT!!!

I still have a ways to go, but I am so glad I chose to jump into this program.  It's been great!  Now, how about some results??

Body Beast Results for Woman

This tracking sheet makes me smile for a couple reasons.  

1) My weight has once again dropped by a bit.  Not a long, but when I started with Body Beast I knew that increasing my muscle mass would mean my weight wouldn't drop like crazy.  It's still nice to see the scale dip a bit, though!

2) I'm evening out!  My arms are now the same - whoo hoo!   My thighs are getting closer to even, as well.  I like it!

3) Inches keep dropping!  My chest has stayed the same (I'm alright with this lol) but I lost inches between my arms, waist, hips and thighs - all places I am happy to lose inches!

Two weeks left - just two weeks!  I am excited to see my before/after pictures with Body Beast, and I am SO excited to get started with Cize after my return from Beachbody's Summit in Nashville!  

When I was growing up (and still to this day) my dad always said that it's good to have something to look forward to.  And I have two things!

Are you interested in learning more about Body Beast, Cize or Coach Summit and what it means to be a Beachbody coach?  Get it touch with me!  I would love to chat with you about all the opportunities Beachbody has and how it can help you!  Comment below with your email address, or email me directly at

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