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Southwest Salad and Dressing

I have exactly ONE picture of this recipe - but if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, each of those words would be a synonym for yum!!!

This recipe has officially made it onto the "I could eat this everyday but will refrain myself so maybe twice a month instead" rotation - I love it!  There is something about cilantro and black beans that just makes me smile!

Southwest Salad

As usual with recipes I share, you could definitely tweak this one and make it your own - but I would love to hear what you think of it and how you change it up!!!

Southwest Salad Dressing

I put these one two separate images because you could easily make the dressing as a veggie dip (it's not too runny of a dressing, but if you wanted to thicken it up you could cut down on the milk) or make the salad without using this dressing.  But my vote?  Together is the way to go!!!

Southwest Salad

What do you think?  Does this seem like something you'd like?

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