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Butterbeer Shakeology

Let me start this by saying HOLY BUCKETS!!!

I am a fan of a LOT of things and Harry Potter is right near the top of that list.  A couple years ago I was able to go to Harry Potter World in Florida and I sampled one (or two) glasses of Butterbeer.  I have wanted to re-create this so many times but I try and avoid soda, so I was kind of stuck.  Until last week when I was in the grocery store and I saw something I had never noticed before - root beer extract!  Perhaps I should have known about this already, but I didn't, so it was like my mind was blown open to all the Butterbeer possibilities ahead of me.  I might be a bit too excited about this, but really I don't think I am - that's how good this is!

Butterbeer Shakeology

I'm pretty sure I'll be making this at least weekly for the rest of forever - just sayin!  Drinking it will allow me to continue my pop avoidance, indulge in a little Harry Potter-inspired goodness and get all the nutrition that is offered in Shakeology!  Win-win-win!  That's a lot of winning! 

So how do we go about making Butterbeer Shakeology?  It's actually super simple!

Butterbeer Shakeology

I normally don't use such a fancy glass for my Shakeology as it's more of a grab-and-go type of meal, but when I made this for the first time I just couldn't resist putting it in a frosty mug and savoring it!  

Would you like to try this?  I'd love to hear what you think of it!

If you would like to, but don't already have Shakeology, I can help you out!  There are individual packets available for purchase along the right-hand side of this blog (if you're looking at this post on your phone, scroll to the bottom and click to see the full web version!).  I definitely recommend trying this out - it's just so good!  

If you think you're ready to commit to not only trying out Butterbeer Shakeology but also to spending a bit of time focused on your own health and fitness goals, comment below or email me directly at  I would love to chat with  you about the role Shakeology and fitness can play in getting you to the healthiest version of you possible.

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Kathy B. said...

I'm going to try this once I get the root beer extract!