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Body Beast Week 2 Woman's Results

Whoo-wee - I made it through week 2 of Body Beast!  I had a bit of a mishap on day 7, but that has already been made up for and I am not planning on allowing it to happen again!  All's well that ends well, though, and I'm a happy camper at the moment.

My second week of Body Beast looked like this:

Well, Saturday was a bit of a pickle for me.  Bonnie decided not to sleep well on Friday night so my 530 am wake-up call simply didn't happen, and although I had brought my weights, shoes and workout with me out of town I simply didn't get it done.  (Shame on me!)  But this week I WILL get my workouts back on the correct schedule - mark my words!  If I don't you have my absolute permission to call me out on it - but it ain't gonna happen!

Besides Saturday, though, I had a great week with Body Beast!  I can definitely feel myself getting stronger in my arms, legs and core - and I love that feeling.  When I go to do push-ups, squats or ab work I can seriously feel the muscles that are already there start to get primed up and I LOVE feeling strong!  

Tuesday's Beast: Abs includes a specific workout called Beast Abs and let me just say this - I have never experienced a better ab workout than this exercise.  It is difficult but it is also fun - I think so far it is my favorite of all the exercises in all the Body Beast workouts.  Let's see if that stays the case as I continue on!

I'm now going into week 3 of Body Beast, and the Lean Beast workout is set up in three blocks - Block 1 is the Build block, Block 2 is Bulk and Block 3 is Beast.  When I'm done with Week 3 I will be moving on to the Bulk Block - pretty darn exciting!

Enough with all the jabber, though, right?  I think it's time for results!

Woman's Body Beast Results

Last week I had actually ended up going up a bit in weight - but not this week!  Not only did I lose all the weight I had gained, I even went a bit under my starting point.  I have absolutely no problem with this!  I went into Body Beast with the mindset that the scale wouldn't get me down.  As it is a weightlifting and strength workout, I knew that I would be gaining muscle and, as such, could also see the scale go up rather than down.  But the scale going down isn't a bad thing!

Now I am on to week three and I can't wait to see these numbers continue to change - but more importantly I can't wait to see how GREAT I will feel over the next several weeks! 

Would you like to join me in this Body Beast journey?  I have a new challenge group starting in the beginning of July and I would love to have you join me!  Even better?  This month, May 2015, Beachbody has a special going on for Body Beast - it's on sale!!!  This is not often on sale and it is an incredible deal.  By purchasing the on-sale Body Beast challenge pack you would get the entire workout program, free admission to the challenge group (an online group for support, motivation and help on your health and fitness journey that I will run for 60 days) as well as your first month of Shakeology - all for a $80 savings!  That's a LOT of dough!

I will be posting more about this group tomorrow, but if you'd like to get your name in first (no more than 10 people will be accepted!) fill in the application below!  I will be in touch within 24 hours of hearing from you and we can get you on your way to awesome results!!!

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