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The other day I was reading posts from some challengers and I was blown away by the blessings I have in my life!  To be able to help people change their life, improve their health and create a new normal of pride, confidence and healthy choices is absolutely incredible!  Each month I get to help people start on new journeys and the power of that is, quite simply, astonishing.  Like everyone, I have challenges in my everyday life, but knowing that each morning I wake up and am able to help people makes everything seem so much less important - it really puts it all in perspective!

I have a new challenge group starting soon and it is now open for applications!

May 4th is the day and I couldn't be more excited!  Our health and our fitness are things that can be SO easy to sweep under a rug and joke about - but they are so important!  Summers can get crazy and one thing I know is that if we don't make our health and fitness a priority it is very easy for it to be forgotten!

Me?  I 'forgot' about my health and fitness for probably 6 years.  When I found it again, though, I was amazed at how incredible I could feel!  I always told myself that I was just a bigger girl - that I had big bones - that I just liked to eat to much - that I was comfortable in my skin.  All those things?  Not true!  Was I happy?  Yes.  Was I healthy?  Not so much.  When I got healthier I was shocked to learn just how much happier I became because I knew I had worked hard and done something GOOD for myself!  

Now, almost five months after having my daughter, I am getting back to my fitness and it's not always easy.  There are good days, bad days and days in between the two, but each day I go to bed knowing that I did my best - and that's all I can ask for!

Along with working on my own health and fitness, I also surround myself with people who are doing the same.  As a Beachbody coach I am plugged into a huge network of like-minded people who motivate me every single day to be a little bit better, push a little bit further, and take a little bit more pride in how far I have come (and to have faith in how much further I can go!)  Through my challenge groups I get to help people do these very same things - and I am now accepting applicants for my newest group starting on May 4th!

Maybe you don't have 65+ pounds to lose like I did; maybe you want to just tone up a bit.  Or maybe you'd like to get your eating under control.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have a lot of weight to lose and aren't sure where to start.  This group is where to start!  In a small-group setting we will set goals, discuss nutrition and meal planning, get support and motivation on our workouts and buckle down in our fight for health and wellness!  It might be scary or nerve-racking, but I can PROMISE you that if you truthfully put forth effort it WILL be worth it!  That skin you're in can be an incredible source of pride and joy - something I never knew before Beachbody!

So what is a challenge group exactly?  It is a closed Facebook group that will run for 60 days.  Everyone in it is motivated to live healthier, workout consistently, eat better, drink Shakeology (the healthiest meal of the day!) each day and really focus in on their health and fitness for that 60 days.  As your coach I am with you every single step of the way.  I will post in the group each morning a bit of motivation, a mini assignment, something to think about or a challenge - and we all keep up with each other throughout the group!  Each group really becomes a mini family and it is so excited to see the changes that happen after just 60 days!  If you're new to working out or aren't sure which Beachbody program you would like to try that is absolutely ok!  I can help you pick one that will fit will with your schedule, your goals and your current level of fitness - there truly is something for everyone!

Are you interested in learning more?  Are you ready to jump right in?  The first step is easy - you just have to let me know!   I'm inviting you to fill out the application below so we can chat about how a challenge group can help change your life - I can't wait to hear from you!  You GOT this!

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