Skip the Scale

I'm about to get honest - I hope you're ready! Don't worry, it's nothing too scary! 
When I first started my health and fitness journey two years ago, do you know what I was concerned about? Losing weight. That was it! I wanted to see the number on the scale go down and I wanted to see my body shrink. That was it! I am SO glad that I found Team Beachbody (after having done a 7-day juice fast) because looking back, I was a bit desperate at that moment in my life. The core beliefs of Team Beachbody are personal growth, promoting healthy lifestyles and helping each other - all great things! Becoming a part of the Beachbody family showed me that health isn't measured by just a number on a scale. It means SO much more than that!

It's true, the number on the scale is the easiest way to measure our progress, but it should not be the only one nor should it be the most important! Before I got pregnant with Bonnie Ann and when I was in the best shape of my life, the following things were the things that had the biggest impact on my life and, today, they are the things I am most anxious to get back to! If I never lose another pound but I gain all these things I will be a happy happy lady!
- Energy - My energy skyrocketed! Before Beachbody I would loaf on the couch most nights and didn't even have energy to do the dishes. Getting fit and active gave me more energy than I could have imagined!
- A clear head - Working out gave me a chance to clear my head and re-focus on me for a brief moment in time each day. I was able to center myself and it left me more easily able to tackle other tasks that came up during the day.
- The ability to say NO - Sure, I could say no to some things, but before Beachbody I was rarely able to say no to dessert, an extra helping of food or a drink. While in my challenge group I learned this skill and it is a GREAT skill to have!
- A willingness to try - Along with saying no to unhealthy things, it also gave me a willingness to try new things! Before my first challenge group, I would often say no to activities or events - whether it was a dinner out, a volleyball game or even just a walk. Why? Because I was so uncomfortable in my skin I didn't want to deal with getting dressed and ready. If I had been invited to an activity that required me to move? Heck no! I was afraid I'd pant or sweat - and I was embarrassed!
- Confidence - Confidence to rock a new outfit, confidence to try new things, confidence to say NO to things that weren't going to help me further my life in the direction I wanted it to go. That confidence is the best feeling in the world!
THOSE are the most important things I have gained from challenge groups, the Beachbody family and my health and fitness journey! What would YOU most look forward to in a new fit life? And I am asking just about YOU and how your life can be changed - not about husbands, kids, family or work - just you!  It is ALL possible - it just might take a little bit of work!  But truthfully, everything work having takes some work!

If you could benefit from any of the things I listed above or are interested in other benefits, I'm here to help!  Taking the first step is the hardest - but I'm here to make it easier!  All you have to do is fill out the application below and I will be in touch to help get you started!

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