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Shakeology: My Story

Shakeology!  Here's what you might know from having read my blog or following on my Facebook or Instagram page:

1) I drink Shakeology every day.

2) I tend to drink it for breakfast, but somedays I flip it around and have it for lunch - or even have a second as a snack later in the day.

3) I'm a super boring Shakeology drinker.  There are SO many fancy ways to make it, and while I LOVE almost all of them, I would say that 90% of the time I simply shake it with milk and water or blend it with ice or frozen berries and water.  Boring!  But I love it!

Some lesser-known facts?

1) I have had way too many accidents where I forget to close my blender bottle and end up shaking my Shakeology all over the room - oops!

2)  The very first day I tried it I was, quite honestly, not a fan.  I didn't have enough liquid and I started out trying to blend it just with ice.  Although I can now drink it with just ice and water and love it, in the beginning my sweet tooth was a bit more in control and I needed a bit more with it!

3) My absolute favorite flavor is chocolate, with strawberry being a close second!  I'm a fan of Greenberry as well - it reminds me of Captain Crunch Berries!

How did I start with Shakeology?

I started drinking Shakeology when I joined my first challenge group.  I had started working out with Insanity, but I wasn't feeling completely motivated.  I found myself Googling women's Insanity transformations one night, and wound up on my coach's blog.  After a week or so I reached out to her and she invited me to be in a closed Facebook challenge group with other women who wanted to lose weight and get in better shape while having support from others.  Shakeology and a workout program were both requirements, so I jumped in and tried it out - and during that group I can honestly say that my life changed! 

I was a bit hesitant at first, but starting in with Shakeology was such a great decision and I honestly do not know where I would be on my journey without it.  I read a lot about it before I ordered, and I truly believe that I chose the healthiest and best product available.  Shakeology is full of natural ingredients that I recognize from everyday life, it doesn't contain artificial colors or flavors and it's not meant to be used or thought of as strictly a weight-loss shake.  Did I lose weight while drinking it?  Of course!  But I wanted to drink something that was healthy and helped my body, not something that gave me a temporary weight loss that would give me a false sense of accomplishment by giving me an unhealthy or unsustainable weight loss.

I started drinking Shakeology then (chocolate!) and by the time a week was up I was in love - it was tasty (I figured out recipes that I loved!), easy, quick and did I mention tasty?  I stayed full while drinking it and I felt more energetic and more in control of my food choices than I ever had before.  I have been drinking it daily since.  There was an exception of a month-long period during my pregnancy when my first doctor told me not to drink it.  After switching doctors for unrelated reasons, I got a HUGE go-ahead from my second doctor who actually laughed when I told him I had been told not to drink it by my first.  Let me tell you, that first Shakeology after not drinking it for a month was my favorite ever!

We already know that I'm a boring Shakeology drinker, but now that I am staying at home with Bonnie most days, my goal is to experiment a bit more and find new ways of making it that I love!  And, of course, I will be sure to share them as I find them!

Are you interested in trying out Shakeology and/or a challenge group?  I have several options and opportunities open to you and I would love to help find you a perfect fit!  Comment below with your contact information or write to me directly at!  I am here to help!

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