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Naan Salsa

A week or so ago a new food product made it into my home and I'm pretty sure life will never be the same.  Seriously - it's changed my life.  Its name is naan and I happened to get it when I was out shopping with my mom the day after Easter; it came in a pack of 18 or so pieces and can definitely be frozen so you don't end up throwing any away!  I decided to use it in my 21 Day Fix meal plan and it has been a perfect addition!  If you're not familiar with naan, it is an Indian flatbread that can be used for a whole ton of different things - two of my favorites have been naan pizza and the naan salsa recipe I'm going to share today.

 I've already done some Pinterest searching and found recipes for home-made naan; I haven't tried any yet, but it is definitely on my to-do list, as my local grocery store doesn't carry it (a girl can dream, right?)  When I get around to making home-made naan, I'll share that story here as well (though who knows when that might be!  Having Bonnie Ann at home has limited my "I'm going to try a random Pinterest recipe" endeavors by a great deal.  Someday it will happen!

Anywho, back to the recipe!  The salsa portion of this has really nothing to do with the naan.  You could make it with standard flatbread, a pita, or really anything you like (if it would work for a panini it would be GREAT for this!)

Here is what you'll need:

- Shredded cheese (or really any cheese you can shred yourself)

- Tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes, you could use normal tomatoes too)

- Red onion (On my third go-around I realized I didn't have red onion so I substituted regular onion.  I'm a big fan of red onion, so I liked that version better.  If, however, you don't like red onion, go for white or yellow!)

- Bread

- Pre-cooked chicken or 1 can of tuna

As you can see, I'm pretty wishy-washy when it comes to my recipes.  I'm all about making do with what you have available!

To start with, chop up some of the onion and the tomatoes. When I've made this, I cut up about a tablespoon of onion and one green container (from the 21 Day Fix) of cherry tomatoes.  This is a bit over a cup of tomatoes, for you non-21 Day Fixers!  I put those all in my Ninja blender and chopped them up!

While you're doing that, put your bread in the toaster.  Not so it completely toasts, just so it is warmed up (that'll make the cheese melty, and who doesn't love that?!)  

When the bread pops up, take your cheese (a blue container in the 21 Day Fix) and spread it on the bread.  Spread it pretty evenly so you can get a bit of cheese in each bite.

When you have that set up, mix your salsa with your drained tuna or pre-cooked chicken (red container!) Personally, I try and have everything as un-liquidy as possible so the bread doesn't get soggy.  The tomatoes give you enough juice - we don't need extra!  Once you have it all mixed up, take that and spread it on your bread.

And then?  Eat on up!

Does this look good to you?  I'd love to hear what you think if you try it at home!  And if you make any tweaks to it I'd love to hear those too :)  

Does the 21 Day Fix interest you?  Would you like some help with meal planning and staying on point for your health and fitness goals?  Would you like more recipes like this?  Join my next challenge group!  I have a new one starting May 4 - the application is here: and I'd love to share your health and fitness journey with you!  

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