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Body Beast Week One Results


I feel like this day has seriously been a year in the making (ever since I first purchased the program) but I am SO glad I can officially say that I have completed the first week of Body Beast!  It wasn't always super easy but it WAS fun.  I've never really been a weight-lifting gal, but I'm seeing what I was missing and I wish I had started up sooner.  

The workouts in Body Beast are a bit longer than what I'm used to (35-45 minutes instead of 25-30) but, surprisingly enough, they have actually been flying by.  Some days have been easier than others but I am so proud to know that I did every workout on the day it was assigned and I didn't skip!

Last night Jake and I purchased some more dumbbells, as my small three and five pounders just aren't really cutting it.  I'm not looking to become super ripped by any means, but I have always had a bit of arm fat (or 'chicken cutlets' as I termed them) that I've wanted to get rid of - hopefully this is the first step to getting there!

Here was my schedule for the first week of Body Beast:

Body Beast Week One Results

My plan was to get the workouts done first thing in the morning each day, and though there were a couple days when I had to push the workout to second- or third- thing I did, I was able to do each workout in the morning and have it out of the way and done!  I could definitely feel my muscles I had worked each day, but I was still able to function (yay!)

Woman's Body Beast Results

Now that I have the heavier weights let's see how I do next week ;)

Now for some results!

Though my weight and some measurements went in the opposite direction of what I would like, I can say that I feel stronger and more energized.  I can tell that my body is changing even if the results aren't exactly stellar as of now.  One way I know this?  Push-ups!  I have wanted to be good at doing push-ups for seriously the longest time but no matter what program I did I NEVER got better at them!  Now?  I am starting to be able to do them - I can't wait until I can ROCK them!!!

I truly believe that this week was a learning experience and a great introduction to the program.  I know that I have gained strength, so I am fairly certain that I lost some fat and replaced it with muscle.  But my game plan for the coming week is to be more on-point with my nutrition and use my heavier weights - hopefully I'll see the numbers moving in the smaller direction!

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