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Beauty? Beast?

Beauty?  Beast?

The time for beast mode is here.  Yesterday I woke up early, grabbed my weights and water and started a brand-new program (to me!), Body Beast.  The picture on the front of Body Beast is a little bit intimidating, and although my goal body looks nothing like the body advertised (first, he's a man.  second, he's hugely ripped.  Neither of these appear on my goal body list.) I am very excited to see what changes I create over the next 83 days!

When I first bought Body Beast, I was in the middle of Focus T25, in the best shape of my life and was ready for a challenge and to try something entirely new.  I was pumped!  Before I completed T25, though, I found out I was pregnant and the fatigue and feeling crappy got the best of me - I was definitely not feeling up to starting in on Body Beast.

Today I am 4 1/2 months post postpartum, I feel great and I am ready to start getting my body back!  I have been doing The 21 Day Fix for quite a while and I love it.  I have lost weight, but even more importantly than that I have gotten stronger, my midsection has shrunk up a bit and my sweet tooth is back under control.  Lately, though, I've been feeling like I'd like to take it up a notch.  I was wavering between Body Beast and another go at Focus T25, but since I never got to try out Body Beast before I decided to jump right in!

I'm pretty sure I need this shirt!!!
After just one full day on the program I can say this: I love it so far!  I tend to enjoy workouts that are a bit more on the intense/extreme side of things - I enjoy a challenge and this is definitely is!  My arms have always been one of my weak spots (both in actual strength and in self-confidence) and I know this program will do great things for them!  The first day was Build: Chest and Tris and it was awesome.  These aren't worked this intensely in other workouts, so it was fun (and difficult!) to push myself).  Although I might miss the cardio, I do get quite a lot of movement in throughout the day with taking Bonnie on walks!  

So, since it was Day One that means I have some first day stats - and let me tell you, they're not that great!  The pictures below, however, are not at all something I am ashamed about.  My body spent 40 weeks creating a brand-new person, so I am not disappointed that my body didn't snap right back to what it had been (yes, I know that a lot of people get right back to their former weight.  That didn't happen to me - so I'm working to get there when I can and NOT stressing myself out over it - that won't get me there any faster!)

Here I am as of DAY ONE!!!  I can't wait to see where the next 83 days takes me!!!

Body Beast Day One Woman

Would you like to learn more about this or another Beachbody program?  Would you like to follow along on my journey?  Are you interested in getting started on your own journey?  Comment below or email me directly at to learn about how I can help you get started!

For now, wish me luck as I go through Body Beast!

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