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Butterfinger Shakeology

This past Sunday was one of those lazy afternooons with the windows open, the sun shining and some free time on my hands that I would have loved to have whipped up a batch of cookies or cupcakes and let myself indulge.  But the thing is - I have goals I want to hit, and as good as that cookie might taste, I don't want to give up on my goals just because of a momentary sweet tooth.  

Still though - that sweet tooth can be incessant!  On days like this what do I do?  Give up and eat the cookie?  Try and block the sweet tooth and eat some celery?

Neither!  I satisfy my sweet tooth without throwing in the towel on my goals!

On Sunday I treated myself with a Butterfinger Shakeology, I put it in a fancy glass, brought a fancy plate along (to catch any drips that fell down the side of the glass so it didn't goop up my computer desk) and I enjoyed every last second of it!

It was sweet, rich, chocolatey and, more than anything, YUMMY!

If you'd like to try this recipe but don't have Shakeology there are options for you!  I have packets for sale (see the right-hand side of this page) or you can join me for my next challenge group!  When you participate in a challenge group you are committing to your overall health and fitness for 60 days and I commit to helping you hit your health and fitness goals!  

To read more about challenge groups, head on over to this post (you can fill out the application here at any time!) or email me directly at - I'd love to help you get started!


Bonnie Ann at 5 Months

Yesterday, my little love bug Bonnie Ann turned five months old - five months?!?  The last five months have truly FLOWN by and I am continually amazed at how much love I can feel for this little lady.  Each day I think I couldn't possibly love her more than I do in that moment, but then she smiles and my heart melts and expands all at the same time.  

The last five months have been a lot of things.  Blessed.  Fun.  Exciting.  Tiring.  Short.  Long.  Frustrating.  Exhilarating.  Awesome.  The long and short of it is that they have been incredible.  So far, I have been successful in taking a weekly picture of Bonnie Ann (next to a plate so I can see how much she grows over the year!)  What I haven't been great about doing, however, is keeping track of the little milestones.  When I was pregnant I did a weekly bump date and wrote down all those little things - I wish I hadn't stopped! 


So here we are at 21 1/2 weeks and I'm going to start from here.  

I can say that Bonnie first learned how to roll from her back to her front when she was about 19 1/2 weeks old.  She had already been rolling the other way for a couple weeks, but she just got the back to front down.  Now that she does she is always doing it!  She may not always be a happy camper when she gets there, but she insists on rolling over onto her belly!

Bonnie was born at close to 9 pounds, but she's been a bit of a slow grower since then.  She is just at the tail end of fitting into 3 month outfits, so most days she is wearing 3-6 and those still have quite a bit of room in them. The plain old 6 month outfits are waaaay too big on her - but I have a feeling it won't be long until she's wearing them!

Since she was about a month old we have been doing cloth diapering and that is great!  I love not having to worry about running out of diapers.  We have one box of size ones on hand just in case we are going to be out for a long time or someone watches her away from home.  Other than that, though, it's cloth diapers and they're working great.  Having the sprayer hose on the back of the toilet for the #2 diapers has been a life saver, and I am SO glad the weather is getting warmer so we can hang dry the diapers outside - I love it!

Happy baby in her cloth diaper!

Bonnie spends her days wanting to cuddle, sleeping (if you hold her - if you set her down she's awake!), reading her 'scrunchy noise' book, playing with her moose and trying to talk to us.  We're not entirely sure what her babbles mean quite yet, but it will be so much fun when she starts learning real words!  I try and read her French books as often as possible, and I want to look through my DVDs soon and find which have a French language track included so I can play them when we're just hanging out at home.  Not, of course, for us to sit and watch, but just so Bonnie can have the extra French language exposure (can't hurt, right?!)

She now has both of her bottom front teeth poking through, and has been working on them for a couple months.  There aren't any more coming in, and she hasn't been too much fussier that we've noticed, but I wonder if that will change as more make an appearance?  Bonnie has been introduced to cereal a couple times, but as of yet she hasn't been very interested in it.  The last time she seemed to enjoy it a bit more, so I have a feeling it won't be long before she's a big fan!

Bonnie is not the biggest fan of nooks there ever was, but they are definitely helpful at times!  She goes to sleep with one each night, but within 5 minutes she's spit it out and doesn't wake up wanting it, which I think we are lucky for!  Her favorite thing about nooks is really just to play with them.  She may suck on it for a bit, but she'll normally grab it out, look at it, play with it for a bit and try to get it back in.  Most of the time she doesn't succeed, but she's perfectly content while she tries!  Sometimes, though, she wants a nook to play with and a nook to suck on - just a bit high maintenance at times!

And sometimes she likes to keep it behind her head for safe-keeping :) 

  Since about a month old Bonnie has been a sleeping-through-the-night champ and I know we are definitely lucky for that!!!  She'll normally fall asleep around eight or nine and sleep until sometime between four and seven.  Normally she wakes up around five, eats, and falls back asleep until seven or so.  This gives me the perfect time to workout, get ready, make my shake and check in with my challengers before she's up again - it's perfect!  

That is Bonnie's life in a very small nutshell at five months old - I wonder what will change over the next month??


Shakeology: My Story

Shakeology!  Here's what you might know from having read my blog or following on my Facebook or Instagram page:

1) I drink Shakeology every day.

2) I tend to drink it for breakfast, but somedays I flip it around and have it for lunch - or even have a second as a snack later in the day.

3) I'm a super boring Shakeology drinker.  There are SO many fancy ways to make it, and while I LOVE almost all of them, I would say that 90% of the time I simply shake it with milk and water or blend it with ice or frozen berries and water.  Boring!  But I love it!

Some lesser-known facts?

1) I have had way too many accidents where I forget to close my blender bottle and end up shaking my Shakeology all over the room - oops!

2)  The very first day I tried it I was, quite honestly, not a fan.  I didn't have enough liquid and I started out trying to blend it just with ice.  Although I can now drink it with just ice and water and love it, in the beginning my sweet tooth was a bit more in control and I needed a bit more with it!

3) My absolute favorite flavor is chocolate, with strawberry being a close second!  I'm a fan of Greenberry as well - it reminds me of Captain Crunch Berries!

How did I start with Shakeology?

I started drinking Shakeology when I joined my first challenge group.  I had started working out with Insanity, but I wasn't feeling completely motivated.  I found myself Googling women's Insanity transformations one night, and wound up on my coach's blog.  After a week or so I reached out to her and she invited me to be in a closed Facebook challenge group with other women who wanted to lose weight and get in better shape while having support from others.  Shakeology and a workout program were both requirements, so I jumped in and tried it out - and during that group I can honestly say that my life changed! 

I was a bit hesitant at first, but starting in with Shakeology was such a great decision and I honestly do not know where I would be on my journey without it.  I read a lot about it before I ordered, and I truly believe that I chose the healthiest and best product available.  Shakeology is full of natural ingredients that I recognize from everyday life, it doesn't contain artificial colors or flavors and it's not meant to be used or thought of as strictly a weight-loss shake.  Did I lose weight while drinking it?  Of course!  But I wanted to drink something that was healthy and helped my body, not something that gave me a temporary weight loss that would give me a false sense of accomplishment by giving me an unhealthy or unsustainable weight loss.

I started drinking Shakeology then (chocolate!) and by the time a week was up I was in love - it was tasty (I figured out recipes that I loved!), easy, quick and did I mention tasty?  I stayed full while drinking it and I felt more energetic and more in control of my food choices than I ever had before.  I have been drinking it daily since.  There was an exception of a month-long period during my pregnancy when my first doctor told me not to drink it.  After switching doctors for unrelated reasons, I got a HUGE go-ahead from my second doctor who actually laughed when I told him I had been told not to drink it by my first.  Let me tell you, that first Shakeology after not drinking it for a month was my favorite ever!

We already know that I'm a boring Shakeology drinker, but now that I am staying at home with Bonnie most days, my goal is to experiment a bit more and find new ways of making it that I love!  And, of course, I will be sure to share them as I find them!

Are you interested in trying out Shakeology and/or a challenge group?  I have several options and opportunities open to you and I would love to help find you a perfect fit!  Comment below with your contact information or write to me directly at!  I am here to help!


Body Beast Week One Results


I feel like this day has seriously been a year in the making (ever since I first purchased the program) but I am SO glad I can officially say that I have completed the first week of Body Beast!  It wasn't always super easy but it WAS fun.  I've never really been a weight-lifting gal, but I'm seeing what I was missing and I wish I had started up sooner.  

The workouts in Body Beast are a bit longer than what I'm used to (35-45 minutes instead of 25-30) but, surprisingly enough, they have actually been flying by.  Some days have been easier than others but I am so proud to know that I did every workout on the day it was assigned and I didn't skip!

Last night Jake and I purchased some more dumbbells, as my small three and five pounders just aren't really cutting it.  I'm not looking to become super ripped by any means, but I have always had a bit of arm fat (or 'chicken cutlets' as I termed them) that I've wanted to get rid of - hopefully this is the first step to getting there!

Here was my schedule for the first week of Body Beast:

Body Beast Week One Results

My plan was to get the workouts done first thing in the morning each day, and though there were a couple days when I had to push the workout to second- or third- thing I did, I was able to do each workout in the morning and have it out of the way and done!  I could definitely feel my muscles I had worked each day, but I was still able to function (yay!)

Woman's Body Beast Results

Now that I have the heavier weights let's see how I do next week ;)

Now for some results!

Though my weight and some measurements went in the opposite direction of what I would like, I can say that I feel stronger and more energized.  I can tell that my body is changing even if the results aren't exactly stellar as of now.  One way I know this?  Push-ups!  I have wanted to be good at doing push-ups for seriously the longest time but no matter what program I did I NEVER got better at them!  Now?  I am starting to be able to do them - I can't wait until I can ROCK them!!!

I truly believe that this week was a learning experience and a great introduction to the program.  I know that I have gained strength, so I am fairly certain that I lost some fat and replaced it with muscle.  But my game plan for the coming week is to be more on-point with my nutrition and use my heavier weights - hopefully I'll see the numbers moving in the smaller direction!


Shakeology: What's in It for You?

It's no secret that I love my Shakeology.  Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry - I love them all!  I post about it on Facebook and Instagram all the time and I honestly never get bored of it.  

I have felt some many benefits from Shakeology that I can't imagine going back to a time before drinking it - and I definitely can't imagine giving it up!  

It's true, though, that a lot of other shake products are out there.  Some are protein shakes, some are weight loss shakes, some are meal replacement shakes, but from everything I have read (and I do my research!) nothing really compares to Shakeology as a healthy option.  

It is not my place to bash these other options, and I'm not interested in doing that.  There is enough negativity in the world without me adding to it.  I am not a certified nutritionist, but what I am is a consumer - and I like to know exactly what I'm getting!

So I'm introducing a new feature to this blog - a Spotlight on Shakeology and What's in It for You!

Each week my goal is to delve into something related to Shakeology.  Some weeks it will be an ingredient, some weeks it will be an ingredient that is not in Shakeology that may appear in some other products (without naming names!), what some of the wording on the packaging means and just more information on it as a product.  I know that it is good for us, but my goal is to really share more information on it!

What would you like to learn about Shakeology?

And remember - if you'd like to try Shakeology along with learning about it, the option to purchase packets is available on the right hand side of the screen!


Skip the Scale

I'm about to get honest - I hope you're ready! Don't worry, it's nothing too scary! 
When I first started my health and fitness journey two years ago, do you know what I was concerned about? Losing weight. That was it! I wanted to see the number on the scale go down and I wanted to see my body shrink. That was it! I am SO glad that I found Team Beachbody (after having done a 7-day juice fast) because looking back, I was a bit desperate at that moment in my life. The core beliefs of Team Beachbody are personal growth, promoting healthy lifestyles and helping each other - all great things! Becoming a part of the Beachbody family showed me that health isn't measured by just a number on a scale. It means SO much more than that!

It's true, the number on the scale is the easiest way to measure our progress, but it should not be the only one nor should it be the most important! Before I got pregnant with Bonnie Ann and when I was in the best shape of my life, the following things were the things that had the biggest impact on my life and, today, they are the things I am most anxious to get back to! If I never lose another pound but I gain all these things I will be a happy happy lady!
- Energy - My energy skyrocketed! Before Beachbody I would loaf on the couch most nights and didn't even have energy to do the dishes. Getting fit and active gave me more energy than I could have imagined!
- A clear head - Working out gave me a chance to clear my head and re-focus on me for a brief moment in time each day. I was able to center myself and it left me more easily able to tackle other tasks that came up during the day.
- The ability to say NO - Sure, I could say no to some things, but before Beachbody I was rarely able to say no to dessert, an extra helping of food or a drink. While in my challenge group I learned this skill and it is a GREAT skill to have!
- A willingness to try - Along with saying no to unhealthy things, it also gave me a willingness to try new things! Before my first challenge group, I would often say no to activities or events - whether it was a dinner out, a volleyball game or even just a walk. Why? Because I was so uncomfortable in my skin I didn't want to deal with getting dressed and ready. If I had been invited to an activity that required me to move? Heck no! I was afraid I'd pant or sweat - and I was embarrassed!
- Confidence - Confidence to rock a new outfit, confidence to try new things, confidence to say NO to things that weren't going to help me further my life in the direction I wanted it to go. That confidence is the best feeling in the world!
THOSE are the most important things I have gained from challenge groups, the Beachbody family and my health and fitness journey! What would YOU most look forward to in a new fit life? And I am asking just about YOU and how your life can be changed - not about husbands, kids, family or work - just you!  It is ALL possible - it just might take a little bit of work!  But truthfully, everything work having takes some work!

If you could benefit from any of the things I listed above or are interested in other benefits, I'm here to help!  Taking the first step is the hardest - but I'm here to make it easier!  All you have to do is fill out the application below and I will be in touch to help get you started!

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Beauty? Beast?

Beauty?  Beast?

The time for beast mode is here.  Yesterday I woke up early, grabbed my weights and water and started a brand-new program (to me!), Body Beast.  The picture on the front of Body Beast is a little bit intimidating, and although my goal body looks nothing like the body advertised (first, he's a man.  second, he's hugely ripped.  Neither of these appear on my goal body list.) I am very excited to see what changes I create over the next 83 days!

When I first bought Body Beast, I was in the middle of Focus T25, in the best shape of my life and was ready for a challenge and to try something entirely new.  I was pumped!  Before I completed T25, though, I found out I was pregnant and the fatigue and feeling crappy got the best of me - I was definitely not feeling up to starting in on Body Beast.

Today I am 4 1/2 months post postpartum, I feel great and I am ready to start getting my body back!  I have been doing The 21 Day Fix for quite a while and I love it.  I have lost weight, but even more importantly than that I have gotten stronger, my midsection has shrunk up a bit and my sweet tooth is back under control.  Lately, though, I've been feeling like I'd like to take it up a notch.  I was wavering between Body Beast and another go at Focus T25, but since I never got to try out Body Beast before I decided to jump right in!

I'm pretty sure I need this shirt!!!
After just one full day on the program I can say this: I love it so far!  I tend to enjoy workouts that are a bit more on the intense/extreme side of things - I enjoy a challenge and this is definitely is!  My arms have always been one of my weak spots (both in actual strength and in self-confidence) and I know this program will do great things for them!  The first day was Build: Chest and Tris and it was awesome.  These aren't worked this intensely in other workouts, so it was fun (and difficult!) to push myself).  Although I might miss the cardio, I do get quite a lot of movement in throughout the day with taking Bonnie on walks!  

So, since it was Day One that means I have some first day stats - and let me tell you, they're not that great!  The pictures below, however, are not at all something I am ashamed about.  My body spent 40 weeks creating a brand-new person, so I am not disappointed that my body didn't snap right back to what it had been (yes, I know that a lot of people get right back to their former weight.  That didn't happen to me - so I'm working to get there when I can and NOT stressing myself out over it - that won't get me there any faster!)

Here I am as of DAY ONE!!!  I can't wait to see where the next 83 days takes me!!!

Body Beast Day One Woman

Would you like to learn more about this or another Beachbody program?  Would you like to follow along on my journey?  Are you interested in getting started on your own journey?  Comment below or email me directly at to learn about how I can help you get started!

For now, wish me luck as I go through Body Beast!


The End of Exercise is Coming Soon!

I'm so excited I could dance!!!  Which, in all truth, would be VERY fitting for my excitement!

It was just announced yesterday that there is a HUGE new program coming out this summer in the Beachbody catalog, by none other than Shaun T himself!  Shaun T is, and probably always will be, my trainer of choice.  It was with his Insanity program that I started on my fitness journey which led to losing 65 pounds before getting pregnant with Bonnie.  I am currently doing the 21 Day Fix and loving it, but I will definitely be buying this new program as soon as it comes out!

Cize workout

So what is it?  It is called Cize and it looks incredible!  Shaun T has a history in choreography, and this is a cardio dance workout that looks like it will be GREAT to shimmy and shake to!  

Cize is a 4 week dance fitness program that will get you burning calories and moving around the room while having fun!  No burpees here - just dance!  Shaun T will be teaching you the choreography and you'll be dancing during the 30-45 minute workouts; but I can bet that time will be flying because it won't even feel like exercise - it'll be dancing (with a whole lot more sweat involved!)

This program looks incredible but, unfortunately we have to wait a bit to nab our copy of it - it's not being released until July 20, 2015.  But if you want to be a part of my very first Cize challenge group (I'll be doing it right along with you!) click the link below and get on the list!  


I will, of course, be sharing more details as I learn them!


Naan Salsa

A week or so ago a new food product made it into my home and I'm pretty sure life will never be the same.  Seriously - it's changed my life.  Its name is naan and I happened to get it when I was out shopping with my mom the day after Easter; it came in a pack of 18 or so pieces and can definitely be frozen so you don't end up throwing any away!  I decided to use it in my 21 Day Fix meal plan and it has been a perfect addition!  If you're not familiar with naan, it is an Indian flatbread that can be used for a whole ton of different things - two of my favorites have been naan pizza and the naan salsa recipe I'm going to share today.

 I've already done some Pinterest searching and found recipes for home-made naan; I haven't tried any yet, but it is definitely on my to-do list, as my local grocery store doesn't carry it (a girl can dream, right?)  When I get around to making home-made naan, I'll share that story here as well (though who knows when that might be!  Having Bonnie Ann at home has limited my "I'm going to try a random Pinterest recipe" endeavors by a great deal.  Someday it will happen!

Anywho, back to the recipe!  The salsa portion of this has really nothing to do with the naan.  You could make it with standard flatbread, a pita, or really anything you like (if it would work for a panini it would be GREAT for this!)

Here is what you'll need:

- Shredded cheese (or really any cheese you can shred yourself)

- Tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes, you could use normal tomatoes too)

- Red onion (On my third go-around I realized I didn't have red onion so I substituted regular onion.  I'm a big fan of red onion, so I liked that version better.  If, however, you don't like red onion, go for white or yellow!)

- Bread

- Pre-cooked chicken or 1 can of tuna

As you can see, I'm pretty wishy-washy when it comes to my recipes.  I'm all about making do with what you have available!

To start with, chop up some of the onion and the tomatoes. When I've made this, I cut up about a tablespoon of onion and one green container (from the 21 Day Fix) of cherry tomatoes.  This is a bit over a cup of tomatoes, for you non-21 Day Fixers!  I put those all in my Ninja blender and chopped them up!

While you're doing that, put your bread in the toaster.  Not so it completely toasts, just so it is warmed up (that'll make the cheese melty, and who doesn't love that?!)  

When the bread pops up, take your cheese (a blue container in the 21 Day Fix) and spread it on the bread.  Spread it pretty evenly so you can get a bit of cheese in each bite.

When you have that set up, mix your salsa with your drained tuna or pre-cooked chicken (red container!) Personally, I try and have everything as un-liquidy as possible so the bread doesn't get soggy.  The tomatoes give you enough juice - we don't need extra!  Once you have it all mixed up, take that and spread it on your bread.

And then?  Eat on up!

Does this look good to you?  I'd love to hear what you think if you try it at home!  And if you make any tweaks to it I'd love to hear those too :)  

Does the 21 Day Fix interest you?  Would you like some help with meal planning and staying on point for your health and fitness goals?  Would you like more recipes like this?  Join my next challenge group!  I have a new one starting May 4 - the application is here: and I'd love to share your health and fitness journey with you!  


Indulge, don't Cheat

So apparently it's April.  I'm not sure when or how that happened, but the calendar on my phone is telling me we are firmly in the middle of the month of April and I guess I have to believe it.  The only times it has been wrong so far has been when driving directions have been involved (but if I'm honest, it could just be that I screwed something up.  Zero sense of direction, right here!)  Anywho - April!  Summer is just around the corner and that makes me think of a whole slew of fun things.  In no certain order, here are some of my favorite things about summer:

- Sitting in my front porch with a good book
- Camping with the family
- Not needing to bundle up to go outside
- Being outside playing games or just hanging out
- Bonfires
- Grilling
- S'mores

Yep, I went there.  I said s'mores.  They are one of my very favorite things during the summer and I have NO shame in admitting it!  Do I eat them every day?  No.  Even every week?  No.  When I do have a s'more, am I likely to have two of them?  Absolutely.  As a Beachbody customer I lost 65 pounds before getting pregnant and I am back in the game to get some of this baby weight gone!  As a Beachbody coach my job is to help other people live healthier lives and get to their own health and fitness goals.

So how can I admit to eating s'mores?  Because, for me, s'mores are a health food.  (Keep with me here, please!)  I'm not trying to say that the ingredients in s'mores are good for you or that a diet full of s'morey goodness will help you lose weight.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  But including them in my diet will not completely ruin my progress (unless I let it) and it will not negate my workouts for the week (unless I sandwich my s'mores with other unhealthy choices.)

Some might say that s'mores, during the summer, are the 'cheat meal' component of my meal plan, and I don't completely disagree with them.  But I do kind of disagree with them, because I really hate the idea of a cheat meal.  We have all been raised to know that cheating is bad.

If you cheat on a test, you'll get in trouble when you're caught.   If you cheat on a significant other you will most likely get dumped when you get caught.  Cheating, according to Wikipedia, is "the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation".  The very idea of cheating in our society is that it is a negative thing - it's a weakness - it's a solution we use when we don't want to work out a problem for ourselves.  Why, then, do we talk about cheat meals on our meal plans?

By creating a meal plan of healthy food and allowing ourselves a bit of wiggle room for an occasional s'more, drink or cheese dip are we really doing something so wrong?  No!  We are allowing ourselves to enjoy something fully with the full intention of staying on our healthy meal plan outside of this one thing!  As long as we don't allow our "cheat meal" to become something larger than an occasional indulgence, I think it is a GOOD thing to incorporate into our lives!  Hence why I call the s'mores I indulge in a health food - they help me relax a bit and I enjoy them - there's nothing wrong with that! When I do have them I enjoy them without going overboard, and that, to me is NOT a cheat - it's simply a less-healthy part of my meal plan.  It is all about a balance, and unless you have the largest reserve of willpower in existence, I think allowing a little not-so-healthy indulgence into your meal plan is a good thing!

By changing my mindset from these treats being a cheat to an indulgence, I feel like I have more control over my everyday eating and I am more likely to stick with the healthy food throughout the week instead of wanting to turn every meal into a cheat meal.  By indulging instead of cheating I don't have the negative connotations swirling around after I've eaten my s'more (or whatever it may be that week) - I simply feel happy, relaxed and ready to kick butt the next day!

What do you think?  Do you prefer thinking of these things as cheats or indulgences?  And, perhaps most importantly, do you like s'mores too?


What's New!

The other day I was reading posts from some challengers and I was blown away by the blessings I have in my life!  To be able to help people change their life, improve their health and create a new normal of pride, confidence and healthy choices is absolutely incredible!  Each month I get to help people start on new journeys and the power of that is, quite simply, astonishing.  Like everyone, I have challenges in my everyday life, but knowing that each morning I wake up and am able to help people makes everything seem so much less important - it really puts it all in perspective!

I have a new challenge group starting soon and it is now open for applications!

May 4th is the day and I couldn't be more excited!  Our health and our fitness are things that can be SO easy to sweep under a rug and joke about - but they are so important!  Summers can get crazy and one thing I know is that if we don't make our health and fitness a priority it is very easy for it to be forgotten!

Me?  I 'forgot' about my health and fitness for probably 6 years.  When I found it again, though, I was amazed at how incredible I could feel!  I always told myself that I was just a bigger girl - that I had big bones - that I just liked to eat to much - that I was comfortable in my skin.  All those things?  Not true!  Was I happy?  Yes.  Was I healthy?  Not so much.  When I got healthier I was shocked to learn just how much happier I became because I knew I had worked hard and done something GOOD for myself!  

Now, almost five months after having my daughter, I am getting back to my fitness and it's not always easy.  There are good days, bad days and days in between the two, but each day I go to bed knowing that I did my best - and that's all I can ask for!

Along with working on my own health and fitness, I also surround myself with people who are doing the same.  As a Beachbody coach I am plugged into a huge network of like-minded people who motivate me every single day to be a little bit better, push a little bit further, and take a little bit more pride in how far I have come (and to have faith in how much further I can go!)  Through my challenge groups I get to help people do these very same things - and I am now accepting applicants for my newest group starting on May 4th!

Maybe you don't have 65+ pounds to lose like I did; maybe you want to just tone up a bit.  Or maybe you'd like to get your eating under control.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have a lot of weight to lose and aren't sure where to start.  This group is where to start!  In a small-group setting we will set goals, discuss nutrition and meal planning, get support and motivation on our workouts and buckle down in our fight for health and wellness!  It might be scary or nerve-racking, but I can PROMISE you that if you truthfully put forth effort it WILL be worth it!  That skin you're in can be an incredible source of pride and joy - something I never knew before Beachbody!

So what is a challenge group exactly?  It is a closed Facebook group that will run for 60 days.  Everyone in it is motivated to live healthier, workout consistently, eat better, drink Shakeology (the healthiest meal of the day!) each day and really focus in on their health and fitness for that 60 days.  As your coach I am with you every single step of the way.  I will post in the group each morning a bit of motivation, a mini assignment, something to think about or a challenge - and we all keep up with each other throughout the group!  Each group really becomes a mini family and it is so excited to see the changes that happen after just 60 days!  If you're new to working out or aren't sure which Beachbody program you would like to try that is absolutely ok!  I can help you pick one that will fit will with your schedule, your goals and your current level of fitness - there truly is something for everyone!

Are you interested in learning more?  Are you ready to jump right in?  The first step is easy - you just have to let me know!   I'm inviting you to fill out the application below so we can chat about how a challenge group can help change your life - I can't wait to hear from you!  You GOT this!

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Monday Morning Up and At' Em

Happy Monday!  Mondays are the start of a fresh new week and it gives us a chance to start over again!  Whether it's a budget problem, a fitness problem, a nutrition problem or any other issue we might be facing, Mondays give us a fresh new slate to start with - how will you be spending YOUR Monday?

Monday Quote

My Monday morning has started with a workout from the 21 Day Fix, my daily dose of dense nutrition (Shakeology!) and some snuggles with miss Bonnie Ann.  I am out of the house for the day for work, so I will be bringing my food with me - fresh, tasty, yummy food (cause why waste my time with the other stuff?!)

Today I am also excited to announce that this blog has an old feature that just made a comeback: Shakeology packets are up for purchase!  Along the right hand side of this page there are two options: you can purchase a single Shakeology sample pack (it does give you the option of selecting more than one of a flavor, too) or a week's worth of Shakeology.  It is as simple as choosing, paying, and receiving!  

Shakeology Packets

When purchasing these packets, you will get the packet along with a couple recipes to try specific to the flavor(s) you chose.  Although I am a fan of fairly simple Shakeology recipes, I also like to indulge in a bit more elaborate recipe every once in a while - and those are definitely a bit more fun and exciting than just shaking it with water!

If you would like a different combination than what is offered in the drop down menus, feel free to contact me directly at and we can get it set up for you!

As an added bonus, if you choose to purchase a week's worth of Shakeology, you gain admission to my next 7-day Clean Eating and Shakeology group on Facebook!  This comes with the cost of the Shakeology; you do not pay a penny more for it, but you are able to join up and learn more tips, recipes and get a quick introduction to just what Clean Eating is!

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining an upcoming challenge group that incorporates both Shakeology and a workout program along with an extended run-time, please let me know - I'm here to help you hit YOUR goals!