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A Re-Introduction

Isn't it crazy how life changes?  One day you start a blog as a hobby.  You are a newly-married resident of a small town who enjoys watching tv, day drinking and reading.  Flash forward a couple years and you are a mom, have stopped drinking, still enjoy reading and watching tv but now your tv is often showing workout programs while you sweat along in front of them, and you can often be found reading about health, wellness and nutrition.  Some of these may seem like minor changes, but in my life they have all been important!

Because it has been a couple years since I started this blog, I thought I would write up a new introduction to myself.  A peek at the girl behind the screen, if you will.
Here are the basics:  My name is Ashley, I'm still a couple years shy of the big 3-0, I live with my husband and our daughter in his hometown and I am also a Beachbody Coach.  I enjoy cooking, prefer baking, like to read and have a spot soft for anything sappy, cheesy, happy or whimsical (and Liam Neeson).  If I was given a free ride to grad school, I would have a hard time choosing between three programs: French, Tudor England History and Nutrition.  At the end of the day, I would likely go with nutrition (but French and Tudor England are still two of my favorite things to study, so if someone wants to pay for a Masters for me, can I get three?!)

When I started this blog, I wanted to use it as a place to share my day-to-day life; a place to express myself and to be used as an outlet for my thoughts.  Over time, the focus has shifted to include much more nutrition, fitness, and Beachbody.  Here's why.
When Jake and I first got married, I had a HUGE upheaval in my life.  It was great, and I was happy to make the changes, but it was still a lot to deal with.  I left my former job, found a new one, moved out of my parents' house (where I had lived my entire life with the exception of college) and moved to a new town.  Sure, I had spent a lot of time here already and luckily had a handful of good friends within the limits of town, but making that transition while also learning how to be a wife and how to co-habitate with my husband was a bit daunting.  A couple months after getting married, I realized that I was always tired.  I couldn't find the time or energy to even do household chores, and I found myself withdrawing from social situations.  I didn't want to deal with going out; I wanted to stay home and read, watch tv or do household chores (which I never got around to, so you can see how the cycle continued.)
Well, one night Jake and I wanted to watch something on Netflix, and I turned on a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 
I think we each are only given a couple times in life we can look back on and say, "that is when everything changed."  For me, watching that documentary was when everything changed.  It got me interested in my health in a way that I never had been before: I was excited about improving it.  Since high school, the scale had been slowly working its way up (I'll blame too much alcohol and food without enough exercise for that).  

The past couple years have been the most incredible journey for me.  I have gone from an overweight, self-conscious newlywed to a much more fit, less self-conscious wife, and now a new mom jumping back on the fitness train after having thrown out my back shortly after having Bonnie Ann.  There's a lot more about the journey that I'd like to share, but I think I will leave it here for now.  

And next time?

I'll pick up where I left off - the after-effects of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

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