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21 Day Fix, Day 1

Last night I posted on Instagram about my first day trying out the 21 Day Fix, but shortly after posting I felt like there was more that I wanted to say.  So instead of typing everything out in several IG posts, I decided to commit an entire blog post to the topic.

21 Day Fix Day 1

 I have officially completed one day of the 21 Day Fix, and it feels incredible!  The past several months have been the most inactive months I have had over the last couple years, and I was itching to get back  into the swing of things.  It wasn't that I was choosing to be lazy, I was just dealing with some things that made being active quite difficult.  At the tail end of November I had my daughter, Bonnie Ann, and the couple weeks after were a circus of recovering, trying to function on no sleep, and trying to learn how to take care of an entire new human - it was exciting, nerve-wracking and so much more!  A bit over a month after having Bonnie, though, I laced up my sneakers and started working out again.  I was enjoying it, I felt great and I was happy - until one day (not even while working out!) I tweaked an old back injury and wound up not able to walk, and barely able to get off the couch.  But, finally, after a number of chiropractor appointments and grumbling about not feeling well, I finally am feeling like myself again!

I knew I wanted to get back to working out and eating well, but I also knew that in a lot of ways I was starting from scratch in a body that seems very different than the body I had pre-pregnancy.  I knew I wanted to learn more about nutrition, fueling my body, and making good, healthy food to help in my supply while breast-feeding,  so I decided to jump into the 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix Day 1

On Sunday night I set out my workout clothes, wrote up a meal plan, got the DVD ready to go in the DVD player and went to bed.  Bonnie Ann woke up at about 7 am, but after a quick feed she fell back asleep, so I laced up my shoes and did the workout!  Mondays in the 21 Day Fix (or Day 1, if you don't start on a Monday) are Total Body Cardio Fix.  What were my thoughts?  I'll make it simple:  my legs, even 20 hours after that workout, were still jello.  My shoulders felt the burn, my stomach feels tighter already and I feel stronger than I have in a long time.  In short, I loved it.  There were definitely moves for which I had to use the modifier, but there is NO shame in modifying a workout!  Was I sweating?  Yes!  Was I doing my best?  Yes!  If I can say that, then I have no problem modifying.  I know I will get stronger, more flexible and more used to the moves over the next 3 weeks, so I will be able to use fewer modifications as time goes on.  For now? I'm proud of myself for showing up and putting up!

21 Day Fix Lunch
By 9 o'clock I was done with my workout and ready to jump into the next portion of the 21 Day Fix:  nutrition.  This is something that makes this program so unique.  Not only does it have an entire workout program, it also lays out an incredible nutrition plan.  It took some planning and re-reading before I felt comfortable in making my first meal plan.  I am used to writing up Clean Eating plans; this used a s a lot of the same foods, it just approaches their consumption and rationing differently.

The 21 Day Fix comes with several food containers, and you fill these up and eat them throughout the day.  Depending on your current weight, you are allowed a certain number of each color of container each day.  The color each represent a different type of food, so the 21 Day Fix really lays out what you can eat each day and helps you craft a filling, healthy and easy meal plan.  What did I learn through Day 1?  You can eat a lOT of food, if it's the right kind of food.  I wrote out a meal plan on Sunday night based on what I already had in the house, and I was able to stick to 90% of it on Monday.  The only times I changed what I ate were when I realized I didn't in fact have tilapia in the house - instead of bringing Bonnie to the store, I went ahead with chicken breast instead.  Still good, still heathy, and still a red container - so it was a very minor change!

21 Day Fix Dinner
Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix was a big success for me - only 20 left to go!

Does this sound like a program you'd like to try?  I have a new challenge group starting in just 2 weeks and you are invited to join me!  Fill out the application form below and we can start on your 21 Day Fix journey!  If you are reading this post later than March 2015, you can fill out the application below and I can include you in my next group!

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