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What I Read in October

Books, books and more books!  October wasn't a great month for adding books to my 'read' list, but I at least got a couple done!  I'm pretty sure October was the busiest month I've had over the past year, so the fact that I was able to successfully start & finish any books makes me very proud!

Leaving Rollingstone: A Memoir by Kevin Fenton

Leaving Rollingstone

This was one of those books that I probably never would have read if I hadn't met my husband and moved to a small town - even though it is a memoir set in Minnesota, I don't think it would have caught my eye.  During one of our trips to the mall, though, Jake saw it and thought his dad would enjoy it.  After dad read it, Jake brought it home and I picked it up one afternoon.  It was a fairly quick read and I definitely enjoyed it!

Leaving Rollingstone is Kevin Fenton's memoir of his childhood on a Minnesota farm and the changes that happened to him and his family after they had to leave.  Now, being married into a farming family, I have a greater appreciation for just how important "the home place" can be to a person's identity.  I truly believe it's a deeper feeling than one might have for the house they grow up in.  I didn't grow up on a farm so I can't even begin to explain why I have this opinion, but I truly do.  Leaving Rollingstone did nothing but re-iterate these feelings for me.

Leaving Rollingstone isn't a typical book I read, and I'm not sure that it is for everyone. It got a bit dry in places and I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it as much if it weren't for my new farming family. However, if you enjoy reading memoirs, learning about Minnesota, farming and/or growing up during the 70s and 80s, I definitely think this would be right up your alley!

Rating: 3.5/5

The Oleander Sisters by Elaine Hussey

The Oleander Sisters

The Oleander Sisters was a book chosen for me to read by my book club - and I'm glad it was!  We had already read The Sweetest Hallelujah by the same author and almost everyone loved it - we didn't realize when the book was first chosen that we had previously read a book by this author, but no one complained!

The Oleander Sisters is the story of two sisters, their family, community and how life changes when a new husband is introduced to the mix.  The book kept me interested and kept me flipping the page - which is definitely a good thing!  With being so close to the baby's arrival I have been finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on reading; this book keep me tuned in throughout the whole thing.

I enjoyed her writing, but at times it did seem to get a bit long-winded. Overall, I'd rate this book a 4/5!

What have you been reading?  Any suggestions for me to try??

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