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Week 39 Bump Update

Well I made it - here we are at 39 weeks with no baby so far!  (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he or she decides to make an appearance soon - but something tells me I'll be having a December baby.)  Hey, a girl can dream, right?  Patience has never been my strong suit and to know that we are this close to meeting Baby K has me excited, nervous, anxious and everything in between!

This past week has been one of waiting - I haven't wanted to make too many plans in case we'd have to cancel them to get to the hospital, and to be quite honest I've been pretty tired and sore so hanging out at home when I'm not at work has been more attractive to me anyway.

In the beginning of the week I had my next ob appointment.  Nothing too exciting to report there - no more progress, so he sent me on my way until this week unless I went into labor first.  Since the appointment is later today, I'm guessing I will make it there :)  It is crazy to think that if I stay pregnant until next week's appointment I'll officially be over-due!  I know it doesn't mean much in terms of how long my pregnancy will go, but I came into the world 2 days past my due date and Jake came in a whopping TEN days late!  As long as baby and I are healthy I'm not interested in getting induced just because of my impatience, so we could definitely make it to ten days over - but I'm hoping he or she decides to meet us before then!

When I wasn't at work this week I tried to do two things: rest and finish things up around the house.  I'm happy to report that I feel pretty darn comfortable with where everything stands in the house now - it's just waiting to have a new resident!!  I never got hit by the big 'nesting' bug that so many people talk about (though maybe that's still to come?!) but it is nice to have most of my projects done and the house cleaned!

One of the projects I finished was my last five burp cloths.  I had purchased a set of 5 cloth diapers and some more flannel fabric a couple months ago but never got around to actually cutting the fabric out and sewing them together; this week I accomplished that!  We now have a bunch in the living room and a bunch in the nursery just waiting to get spit up on ;)

I have been feeling pretty good lately - my late-pregnancy bout of morning sickness went away (and I'm so glad!) and I haven't been nearly as tired as I was a couple weeks ago.  My walking has definitely slowed down a bit, and I've been finding it a bit more difficult to get out of bed but nothing too crazy to report!  Baby still seems to enjoy doing pirouettes now that he or she is head down (to not get into too much detail I'll just say this: ouch!)

I feel like I say this every week, but I'm going to say it again.  I wonder how many bump updates I have left??

For now, here I am as of 39 weeks!


Janna Renee said...

I feel like I would be a nesting fool! I already love nesting every time we move, so I would be on overdrive. I think you are doing amazing getting everything done. You are SO close!!

Kaitlyn said...

I hope you have your December baby by now lol! Congratulations. Can't wait to see pictures!