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Week 36 Bump Update

Oops!  Once again, I failed to make a weekly post - so this 36 week update is what I should have posted last week, and tomorrow I'll be doing my week 36 bump update!  (I have to say, doing it like this makes the weeks seem to FLY by!)

Last week I officially hit my 36th week of this pregnancy and I'm having a bit of difficulty believing it.  To think that there are only 4 weeks left until my due date (though I am completely aware of the fact that my due date really, in the long run, doesn't mean a whole lot about when this baby will actually arrive).  Still, it's fun to think about how close we're getting to meeting Baby K!

I had a pretty good week - some good things, some not so great but all-in-all it ended up being a pretty darn decent week.

Saturday I made a fairly large purchase - a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.  I feel like 95% of the pictures I take are on my iPhone (the only exception being my weekly bump pictures which are taken on the camera I borrowed from my mom a looooong time ago and haven't yet returned).  Once little one arrives, though, I want to have high-quality pictures that he or she can have forever; not pictures that I snapped on my phone and emailed to myself.  Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to work it ;)  I'm pretty sure this is what they mean when they say there is a steep learning curve - I am a total newbie!  I borrowed a couple books from the library and I've been trying to experiment with it in my free time - wish me luck that I can figure it out!

On Saturday I also went to a painting class with my sister, friend, mom and grandma - it was a blast!  It was one of those events where they teach you to paint a specific paining, but ultimately you can design it any way you'd like and just run with it.  We were painting a tree-type of thing with colorful swirls and dots surrounding it.  Mine turned out a bit Seuss-esque, but it will go perfectly in the nursery!  

I headed home Sunday morning and started in on doing more laundry than I have ever done in my life.  I hadn't washed any of Baby K's clothing/blankets/burp cloths/etc, so I tackled that project and got them done!  I'd be lying if I said I felt great at the end of the day - I was absolutely exhausted and my feet were killing me after walking up and down the stairs so many times, but it felt SO great to have them washed, dried, folded and put away!

I'm pretty sure I over-did it a bit, though - when I woke up on Monday I was once again greeted by my old friend morning sickness.  I think I might have pushed myself a bit too much over the weekend and I definitely paid the price for it!  I had to call in late for work so I could get back to feeling like myself, but once I did I felt great for the rest of the week!

Fast forward to one of my favorite days at work every year - Halloween!  It's not necessarily my favorite because of the holiday; it's my favorite because I can normally think of a costume that lets me get away with wearing jeans ;)  I thought about not getting dressed up at all this year but I quickly changed my mind once I realized that I might never have a noticeable baby bump on Halloween again - I wanted to take advantage of it!  So here I am - Ashley the snowlady!  I got up early on Halloween, cut out some felt circles & a cloth nose, hot glued them to a shirt I normally wear to workout, tied a scarf around me and called it good - my belly was definitely on full display that day at work but I thought it was pretty cute!

Here I am in my 'official' 36 week baby bump photo - definitely not as cute as Ashley the snowman!

Normally I'd sign off for a week - this time I'm just signing off until tomorrow when I'll update with week 37!


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