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Week 34 Bump Update

34 weeks - 6 weeks until due date - this is nuts!  Each week seems to go more quickly than the last and I am sure I'll be completely blown away when it is actually time to meet the little Mr or Ms.  The other day I was talking to my mom and I essentially said that same thing - that I can't wait to meet the baby but that at the same time just the thought of meeting my child seems a million years away.  She responded by saying, "and once you've met them you won't be able to imagine life before they were here."  I can believe this is true but I can't wait to experience it for myself.  Not that I'm hoping for an early arrival - I'm hoping both baby and I stay healthy and he or she can keep cooking as long as needed!

34 week baby bump

While the baby has been hanging out creating little thunderstorms in my belly, I kept myself busy this past week.

On Saturday Jake's sisters threw a Harry Potter-themed baby shower it and was so much fun!  We are all big fans of Harry Potter so it was an absolutely perfect celebration!  The house was decorated with owls, Hogwarts insignias and the buffet was covered with Harry Potter-related goodies (including Butter Beer!)  I had a great time with his family and my mom and sister and the baby was absolutely spoiled!  Jake's grandma made a nursery rhymes quilt for the baby and I might have had a bit of a an emotional moment (tears, tears and a couple more tears!) but I'm just going to chalk it up to being pregnant.  I still have my baby blankets, and just to get such a beautiful blanket and know that our baby will have it for the rest of his or her life is incredible.  Like I said, this baby was absolutely spoiled!

I got to spend more time with my mom on Sunday and that was awesome!  She, my dad and my grandma came down to deliver a chest freezer and to help me have a freezer-meal cooking day.  Jake and I had gone shopping on Saturday night for all the needed groceries, and let's just say I have never bought that much frozen chicken in my life!  We seriously spent ALL day Sunday on our feet and I was definitely sore by the end of it, but I was so glad to have thought ahead and make the meals.  Our freezer is now jam-packed with about 27 meals ready to thaw and throw in the oven or crock pot; I definitely think it will come in handy for after the baby comes home.  The trick will be to not start making them in the next six weeks out of laziness... wish me luck!

Monday was a bit nerve-racking for me; when I went home for lunch I was paying close attention to feel movements and I wasn't getting much.  I talked to Jake, and although he assured me everything was probably fine, he also said that I should call the OB just to calm myself down.  They told me to lie down, drink juice and call them back after a half hour or so - and not to go back to work until I did so.  That in and of itself was kind of scary!  Once the half hour was up, though, I still hadn't felt the baby move much and they had me go into the office to get a nonstress test done.  All they had to do was strap a monitor on my belly to monitor the baby's heartbeat and also one towards the top of my belly to monitor contractions.  Luckily, everything looked good and I was able to go home.  I think the little one knew I was getting nervous because everyday since my stomach has been rockin' and rollin!  I think after all that cooking on Sunday the baby just needed a bit of a break :) 

On Friday I headed up to my parents' house for the weekend of fun - starting with a dinner / play date with my mom, sister and grandma on Friday night.  I got a chicken stir-fry which was so tasty and then we saw Dirty Dancing at the Orpheum in Minneapolis.  It was a great girls' night - even if the play wasn't exactly the best thing I've ever seen.  There's something about Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle that just can't be replaced!  

The rest of the weekend was great as well, but that'll be updated with my next bump date next week!

For now, here I am at 34 weeks:

Besides my scare on Monday, everything has been going well.  One morning when getting ready for work, though, Jake asked me how I was doing and I broke down because I was just so tired.  He told me it's about time I introduce regular naps into my daily schedule so I've been doing my best to do that.  Some people love naps but I have just never been one who can handle napping.  Clearly this whole being pregnant thing has sapped my energy a bit, though, so I'm glad Jake gave me the push I needed to start taking them (there's just so many other things I could be doing a nap seemed like a waste of time before!)  I can definitely tell a difference between my moods on days when I nap vs. days when I skip the nap, though, so I think it's a good idea I keep up with them.  Heck, in a month or so this baby will dictate when I can sleep so I guess I might as well take advantage of the time I have now, right?

On that note - I think it's time for a nap :)

Here's a little comparison shot between 20 weeks ago and now.  That bump definitely has grown!

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