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Dear Little One

Dear Little One,

I'd call you by your name, but right now I don't know what that is, so Little One will have to do.  (I might have written Dear Baby, but your uncle Anthony hates it when people say 'baby' instead of 'the baby', so Little One it is.  Just a random fact that you might be interested in learning someday!)

Exactly one month from today is your due date; I don't know when exactly we will get to meet you, but I wanted to mark this moment with a letter to you, so you can someday get a little glimpse of your mom (and dad) before you were here.

I've known you were coming since March, but it blows me away to think of all the things I don't know about you.  I don't know your name, your birthday, your gender or who you look like.  I will know these things soon enough, but for now you are a mystery.  The very best type of mystery, but a mystery all the same.
Your dad and I do have some guesses about these things.

Even though you are due on November 29th, we have a feeling you might end up a December baby (though your grandpa Dale is really hoping you two share a birthday).

We both think you are a boy, but we're putting off knowing for sure until we meet you.  No matter what you end up being, in our eyes you will be perfect.  (In case you're wondering, your great-grandma Ronsberg is convinced you're a girl and the rest of my side agrees with her.  Your dad's side mostly thinks you're a boy!  Nicholas isn't sure either way, but according to him your name will be Cousin Yo-Yo.  Nolan sides with great-grandma on you being a girl and he loves you to the end of the earth and back again - whenever I see him he runs up, gives you kisses, rubs and says "there's a baby in there!"  Nicholas loves you just as much, and keeps asking when I'll let you out so you all can play.  I can't wait for the days when all of you get to play together; if I snap a million pictures, please just know it's because you're all precious to me and I want to remember every moment I get with you.)

Another thing your dad and I know?  We know that no matter when you're born, what your name is or who you look most like, you are the most incredible blessing in our lives.  Along with knowing that, there are several things we wish for you.

- We wish for you you a happy life.  A life that has more happiness than sadness and more joy than sorrow.  We hope you learn to find the good things that can come from every bad, and we hope you are able to keep joy with you even when it is difficult to do so.  We hope you can laugh at yourself and love yourself, find amusement in small things and never be too 'mature' to find humor in everyday life.

- We wish for you a life of passion.  Your dad and I each love different things, but it's not so much what you love that is important as why and how you love those things.  Your dad is passionate about farming, John Deere, Pepsi and working hard.  I am passionate about travel, reading, health & fitness and crafting.  Maybe you'll share some of these passions, and maybe you won't.  We hope you find healthy, fulfilling and energizing passions.  When you do (as I'm sure you will), your dad and I intend to be your biggest cheerleaders.

- We wish for you a sense of adventure, a good work ethic and a whole lot of determination.  There is always something new to be learned, explored or created.  We hope you have a lifetime of learning ahead of you and that you don't take for granted the opportunities you have in front of you.  If you want to do something, I have faith that you can accomplish it.  But, as an early warning, know that it might take a leap of faith, a lot of hard work and a bit of stubbornness.  Your grandpa Arv always told us kids that he'd go a mile to help us reach our goals if we're willing to go an inch.  We had to go that inch before he'd go the mile, though.  To this I say: ditto.

- We wish for you a heart of faith and a love for God.  You are a blessing to us and so many others; we hope you will know how blessed you are to be a child of such a loving and incredible God.  When you have problems, joys, anger or peace, share them with Him - He is your absolute best friend and won't let you down (we also wish you patience, as He might not deliver in a way you want or expect.)

I could go on for a year and a half about all the things we wish for you, but seeing as how you're due in just a month, I don't really have that much time to spare).  Your dad and I absolutely cannot wait to meet you and spend a lifetime getting to know you, help you and love you.

Forever and always,

We love you!

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