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32 Week Bumpdate!

Just eight weeks left until baby’s due date – I can hardly believe it!  Jake and I have talked about baby being born a couple times lately and we both have the feeling that we will be celebrating a December birthday.  With my due date being November 29th this definitely isn’t outside the realm of possibility – but time alone will tell! 
32 Week Baby Bump

On Saturday we attended an all-day Labor and Delivery / hospital tour at the hospital where I will be delivering and it was definitely informative.  We hadn’t even really thought about going to one, but after some rave reviews (and a bit of persuasion) from our friends who have been there, done that at the hospital we decided to sign up for one.  I’m definitely glad we did that!  Both Jake and I feel more comfortable going into the home stretch of this pregnancy and getting prepped for labor and delivery.  I’m beyond excited to meet the newest member of our family and I know that the next couple months will absolutely FLY by!
More painting progress was made on the nursery but it’s still not completed.  Seeing progress in there makes me smile, even if it is just a little at a time.  If all goes according to plan we still have quite a bit of time before the nursery will have an inhabitant so I’m not stressing about it at this point.  Jake will get it done – he always does!
Anywho – here I am as of 32 weeks!
32 week baby bump

To be quite honest, I’m a bit bored with the category listing that I have been doing throughout pregnancy.  So I’m doing to change it up a bit for the last weeks!
-          Baby has been practicing kung-fu and it still makes me smile!  I’m pretty sure I will miss this after baby gets here – but of course I’ll be happy to have little one in my arms J

-          I’ve had some twinges of pain on either side of my stomach which I definitely haven’t enjoyed. These mainly come if I’m rolling over in sleep and then wake me up; my ob said they are simply round ligament pains and something to try to get used to for the next few weeks.

-          Jake and I have talked about what to bring to the hospital and are getting that list together now so we have less to worry about later.  Top of my list?  My iPod.  The birthing suites have an iPod hookup and if there is one thing that can help me calm down, it’s music.  I’ll be putting that to the ultimate test soon!

-          In the labor & delivery class the instructor emphasized that the main goal is to find something besides pain to focus on during contractions.  I wonder if it would be helpful or just strange to play a disc of Harry Potter being read aloud?  I have them all on my iPod and could see it being something relaxing to concentrate on – so we might be trying that out!

-          For the last 15 years or so my sister and I have dreamt about seeing Garth Brooks in concert.  Well it’s finally happening!  He’ll be in Minnesota during the middle of November and we have tickets to the November 6th show.  I’ve been giving baby mini pep talks to stay in until at least after the show.  The concert is 23 days before my due date so I think I should be good – fingers crossed! 
Just a few days until 33 weeks – this is getting crazy close!!

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