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Week 27 Bump Date

Week 27 here I am!  This week was a lot of fun and I really started to feel like Jake and I are getting some stuff in order for when baby arrives.  We still have a lot to do, but getting a couple things started is nice!

Saturday I spent shopping for various odds and ends and I wrapped up the day by making some burp cloths.  I'm a crafter at heart, so it was a lot of fun to make something that my little one will use once he or she is here :)  I did a Facebook poll of friends who already are mamas, and the overwhelming answer to my question of what is best to use as burp cloths was Target's Gerber brand cloth diapers.  So I got a five-pack, some fleece and fancied them up a bit!  I've heard that adding the fleece on the back helps them 'stick' a bit more to your shirt, so I thought I'd try it out (and they sure do make them a whole lot cuter!)  Obviously the picture below has the cloth flipped the wrong way, but that's just for the photo op ;)

Later in the week I had a bit of a pregnancy meltdown.  We discovered that somehow a mouse had found its way into our basement (gross, I know.  It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!)  After finding out about this mouse, I proceeded to cry and tell Jake that I wanted it gone (emotions and hormones were clearly running high).  Well, Jake not only took over laundry duty for the week so I didn't have to set foot in the basement, he also set up mouse traps.  On Wednesday when we were both home for lunch, he went and checked the traps - and the mouse was no longer a resident of our house!  After the initial relief that the mouse was gone and couldn't get back in, I then started sobbing.  Uncontrollably.  We're talking a full-on sobfest where I could hardly catch my breath and Jake had to calm me down so I didn't pass out from lack of oxygen.  Why?  Well, because my hormonal brain started thinking "it's really pretty sad that this little mouse was just hanging out, thought 'I'm kind of hungry - I'll go look for some food'.  It found some food (the peanut butter on the trap), started having a little snack and then died."  The little mouse's demise set me off and I think it was a good 5 minutes before I could breathe normally again.

Pregnancy: 1.  Ashley's emotional stability: 0.

Besides making burp cloths and mourning a mouse, the rest of the week wasn't super-exciting but was still fun.  Jake and I had a date night to see Into the Storm (does anyone else love, love LOVE storm movies??  I know I do!)  I also finished up my book for book club (note to self: do NOT read a murder mystery about a serial killer in southern Minnesota when your husband will be at work all night.  You will not get any sleep that night.)

Baby has continued to kick up a storm, we've continued our nursery discussions and I also found a pair of jeans that still fits!

And now for that baby bump!

Weight: I still haven't replaced the scale so I don't know where my weight stands!  

Sickness: No sickness to speak of and I am so grateful!

Cravings: None this week!

Food Aversions: Nothing new this week!

Clothing fittings: Clothes are still fitting - including the jeans I got to wear on Friday at work because of the long weekend ahead, but I think the jeans won't last long :)  I have been wearing my maternity pants to work and am SO comfortable!  

Sleep: Sleep has been touch-and-go.  I thought I had "cracked the code" last week, but that was a short-lived celebration.  It's been uncomfortable trying to stay on my side and the bed has become more of a fort because of all the pillows I need to have on it! 

Movement: Yes and I am the biggest fan in the world of all these little punches and kicks!  Right around 5 pm seems to be baby's most active time of the day.  I think he or she knows that I just got home from work and will have some quiet time so that's when baby decides to play!  Most days around 5 you can find me on my couch with my feet on the coffee table watching my belly shake with the movements - I love it :) 

Emotions:  Clearly, as you could tell from the mouse story, emotions were running high this week.  I think my lack of sleep has started to catch up with me and that is not making it easy to stay clear-headed!  I'll figure out this sleep thing eventually, though :)  

Workouts: Working out has been great!  I don't push myself as far as I used to but it's nice to just have some activity in my week!

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