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P90 is Here!

So I titled this post "P90 is Here!" but there's a good chance you don't know what P90 is or why you should care that it has arrived.  I would love to tell you all about it!

P90 is the brand-new program by Beachbody trainer Tony Horton.  While you may not realize that you have heard of Tony Horton, there is a very good chance that you have heard of at least one of his programs.  The most well-known of these programs is undoubtedly P90x - and if the first thought that comes to you is "that program looked HARD" - you'd be right!  P90x was created for people who wanted an intense workout and was best for people who were in good shape to begin with.  

But P90 is flipping the script and making P90x approachable for ANYONE!  Seriously - anyone!  It is the perfect stepping stone or starting block for fitness - you don't have to already be a world-class athlete - you could currently spend most nights binge watching Netflix and you'd still be able to ROCK this program!  (If you do currently spend most nights watching Netflix, I promise I'm not being mean - I have watched my fair share myself!)

Who exactly could benefit from P90?

Now THAT is an excellent question - and the answer?  Once again, anyone!  P90 will be incredible for people who are just starting their health & fitness journeys, people with a large amount of weight to lose or people who simply aren't wanting to jump into a more intense program.  I don't want to stress the easy accessibility of it, though, and make it seem like it can't help someone further along in their fitness journey - because it absolutely can!  Are you already a tried-and-true Tony Horton fan?  This would be a great next step!  Or if you just would like to maintain what you already have worked so far to achieve - this can do that!  So, in all reality, this program will be perfect for people from all different backgrounds and fitness levels because Tony wanted to create something that anyone could do and anyone could benefit from!

What's the program like?

P90 is a complete 90-day at-home fitness program.  Now that the weather is getting chilly and most of us will be busy prepping for the holidays, it is a great idea to have a quick workout you can do at home - and this is all of those things.  The workouts vary from 25 to 45 minutes long, and you are literally told which one to do each day to get the best results - so there is no guess work and no crazy high expectations that you're already a fitness expert.

This is not a program that will have you taxing your joints and ending up in more pain than when you started - it's a cardio program and includes a built-in modifier so you always have an option of the lower or higher intensity workout.  This makes it easy to start with and also easy to grow with - you won't get bored!

Tony doesn't focus just on the fitness and leave you to decide your meals by yourself though - no, he helps you in every way!  There is a nutrition guide included with the program so you can not only get the best workout, you can learn to fuel your body in the best way so you start seeing results from the beginning and continue seeing them throughout the whole program!

What next?

Are you thinking this sounds like a great idea but you're not sure how to get started?  Are you nervous about committing to a program and not seeing it through to the end?  Do you want results but you're not sure you can get them?

That is where I come in!  As your coach it is my job AND my privilege to help you get the results you want - I have changed my life and health and I want to make sure you do the same!  If you are ready to make a change I am here to support you 100% and make sure you get those results!

On October 13th I will be starting a brand new online support & accountability group - and you can be a part of it!  P90 + support & accountability + you = RESULTS!  This group will be run through Facebook and I will start each day with a tip, motivation, a new recipe, a mini challenge or something to think about - you will wake up to motivation and that will help carry you through the day!

When I was younger (and, really, to this day) my dad would tell me - if you go an inch to reach a goal, I will go a mile to help you - but you have to go that inch.  That is exactly how I feel now with my challengers!  I love helping people achieve their goals and change their lives and I will do anything I can to make your goals become reality - but you have to just be willing to commit!

To join a challenge group you just have to purchase a challenge pack through me as your coach - I will then add you to the group and we will go those miles together!

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