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Blog Design?

I have no problem in admitting when I've failed.  Some people see failure as a monster to be avoided, and I like to think that I have a different point of view on failure.  To fail at something means you have tried.  It means you care and it means you would like to succeed.  Failure is defined by the success you'd like to have in any certain endeavor - if the success means little to you, the failure will likely not even be a blip on your radar.  But if you want to succeed and you want to do better, that failure may very well seem to be the size of a mountain standing in your way.  Well, I will admit that I have failed more times than I can count!

One of the large areas of failure for me has been this blog.  I love the blog and I love the process of writing what is on my mind.  I enjoy reading other's blogs and just the entire blogging community.  But it hasn't always been easy to show up here five days a week (or even three over the last several months!)  After finding out we were expecting a new family member and struggling through the morning sickness for the first four months or so, my blog was more often than not completely ignored.  I hardly had the energy to shower, let alone devote time to writing out what I was thinking - even though I know that I enjoy it and I love being able to look back and relive these memories.

So, although I have spent a lot of time failing, I'm done with that!  This blog is important to me and I am ready to re-commit myself to it.  I am going to share all the things that are important to me: my workouts, Beachbody, reading, baby updates and just snippets of my day-to-day life.  Because somewhere in the mix of all these things that I love is a recipe for me living the happiest and best life I can - and isn't that what we all want at the end of the day??

Blog Design

The title of this post is Blog Design? and up until this point I haven't mentioned any little thing about blog design.  Well here it is!  I've always done my own thing with my blog design - I've tweaked a little bit here or there but it's never really come out looking like I wanted it to (and it takes me forever and a day just to get one button the correct size!)  So, in a word, it has been frustrating!  I am going to get a whole new blog design done but I just don't know where to start!  I know I've stumbled across blog designers before but of course I didn't keep track of them - so I'm looking for some help!

Does anyone know of a blog designer they would recommend?  If so, could you pass their info on to me!  If you could either comment below or email me their website/blog/etsy page at, I would greatly appreciate it!  I'm SO excited to get started on this re-boot of!

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Kaitlyn said...

I don't know of any off the top of my mind, but if you have some favorites that you follow, scroll to the bottom of their page and they usually list their page designer. I just go off what I see!