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Weeks 22-24 Failure

Somehow three weeks went by and I became a complete failure when it comes to keeping up with my bump dates!  I have no excuse - absolutely none.  My goal was to do this each and every week but I dropped the ball for a couple of them.  That being said, I'm back!  I'm now at 25 1/2 weeks and I even have a 25-week bump date picture (that you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see!)  

For today I wanted to do a quick update on weeks 22 - 24, which actually were very exciting weeks for me!

22 Weeks

Each new week, for me, starts on a Saturday.  The beginning of week 22 of this pregnancy had me at my parent's campgroup taking a much needed mini break from house stuff and work drama.  I started Saturday morning at my brother and sister-in-laws (as of last week!) helping them get some final wedding prep done. I also got to see two of my nephews - it was great!  Saturday night a friend from work came to the campground and it was a lot of fun to just relax!  

This week we also were able to put together my new desk, and let me just say this: I am in love!!!  We had a roll-top desk which was functioning and was beautiful, but there was very very little room to spread out and really feel like you could delve into work.  The new desk gives me all the space I would want plus some!  New living room furniture AND a new desk?  I'm one happy lady!

Earlier in the week (so, technically, in week 21) Jake and I went in for our first ultrasound.  I still haven't shared those pictures either!  Mommy failure!  

23 Weeks

On the day we turned the corner on week 23 Jake and I went on our very first shopping-for-baby outing and it was super exciting.  We wanted to pick out a crib and dresser set so we (well, maybe more I, since I'm a bit of a worry wart!) could feel like we had at least a bit of a start on the nursery.  We each had differing opinions on what our favorite one was, and ultimately we compromised and chose our mutual 2nd favorite set.  It was delivered just this past weekend and I have to say that I am glad we went the way we did.  Both our number 1 choices were a bit more 'out there' in terms of design and color (mine was gray, his was a distressed wood finish).  The one we chose will likely stand the test of time a bit better than either of those would have.  

Also during this week our dishwasher decided to die on us.  I woke up one morning and went to unload it when I realized that everything in it was EXTREMELY hot still!  We had started the dishwasher before going to bed so this absolutely should not have been the case.  Once I looked at the front panel I noticed that it had somehow become stuck on the heat dry cycle.  I thought it was just a fluke and re-ran it that night, but it never successfully completed a cycle again. We had a repairman come out but he informed us that it wasn't worth it to fix - so we got to go dishwasher shopping!  We did, for a day or two, discuss not replacing it, but we decided that adding handwashing all our dishes right when we're expecting a new little one was probably going to stress us out more than necessary, so we nixed that idea pretty quickly.  Hopefully the new dishwasher will be installed this week - I can't wait to have one back in the house again!

24 Weeks

The weekend of 24 weeks was a VERY exciting weekend!  After getting off work Jake and I drove up to the cities to start the celebration of my brother and brand-new sister-in-law's wedding weekend!  They had an open house on Friday night and it was a lot of fun to get to see everyone before the hectic wedding day!  Saturday I got up and headed to the hotel with all the ladies to get our make-up done, and just a few short hours later we were on our way to the park for the ceremony.  They seriously could not have had more perfect weather than what they had - the day was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony (and bride, of course!) were as well!  

On Sunday (which just so happened to be my birthday!) Jake and I woke up early and drove up to Duluth for a night away to celebrate both our birthdays, our 2nd anniversary and a mini babymoon.  We went to Northern Minnesota for both our honeymoon and an engagement trip, so it seemed perfectly fitting to do so again.  Let me tell you something, though... all that walking was hard on this pregnant lady's legs!  Jake gave me the absolute perfect gift while we were up there - a pregnancy massage!  I had never before had a professional massage, and truth be told I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it myself.  I am so beyond grateful that he chose to get one for me, though.  My lower back and upper left shoulder had been causing me a LOT of pain lately, so it was great to have a bit of time to just get pampered and get all those issues worked out.  My shoulder hasn't hurt once since!  (Jake gained more points than I can imagine with that gift!!)  

I very much wish that I had full posts on each of these weeks but what can I say besides "I dropped the ball!"  Starting tomorrow I am back on track with my weekly check-ins though!  It's absolutely incredible to think that there are now less than 15 weeks until my due date... time is going to fly!

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Laura Darling said...

I absolutely love your new desk area! So calm and peaceful! Makes me want to do a little makeover too!