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Week 26 Bump Update

I'm caught up - finally!  The fact that I am already at 26 weeks blows my mind!  How is this possible???  It seems like each month seems to fly by but at the same time it doesn't feel like the time until my due date gets any closer.  Does that make any sense??  I have 14 weeks left until baby is supposed to be here and I think I am so anxious to meet the little one that it seems like these last weeks will take forever.  But of course I know that's not the case and that he or she will be here in the blink of an eye :)  In the meantime, I'd better get started on that nursery!

Here we go for my 26 week bump update!

This past week can be summed up in one word and one word exactly: exhausting!  I don't know if baby was going through a growth spurt or if I just overdid it, but I felt like I was right back in my first trimester when all I wanted to do was sleep all day everyday.  I didn't give in to that temptation, of course :)

This week started with a big event on Saturday - I had my entire immediate family down for dinner and they delivered baby's crib and dresser as well!  Because we live in a smaller town it was easier for these items to be brought to them and then brought to us, so that's what we did.  Plus it gave them an excuse to come down and see the new furniture we got a couple weeks ago!  Win-win :)  

My grandma gave Jake and I roses for our anniversary - I love them AND  the vase!
It was so much fun to have everyone down and I even broke out the good china for the meal.  It really wasn't anything fancy, but we rarely have an excuse to use those dishes so I thought this was as good a reason as any!  Jake had a bunch of stuff going on at the farm so I ended up doing a lot of the prep work, and let's just say that I was ready to sit down for a while after they arrived!  

Seven of the fifteen place settings - we definitely had a full house!
The dresser made it's way into the nursery with the help of my brother-in-law, but the crib is still in the box in the guest room.  Eventually Jake and I will get started on the nursery - time is starting to run down!!!

Tuesday had us back at the ob's office for our follow-up ultrasound.  At our first ultrasound at 21 weeks baby's stomach was measuring small for our gestational age so our doctor wanted us to come back in to track it.  It was incredible to get to see baby kicking, yawning, moving and just looking all-around adorable on the big screen again :)  Our doctor still wasn't sure that baby was measuring for its age, but after doing a bit more research it turns out that we are good!  Everything is measuring on time and baby is growing and developing well, so I am one happy and relieved mama.  I tried to not think on it too much after we left the office, but it's hard not to when you've had two ultrasounds that seem to show the same problem.  So to know that everything is, in fact, measuring on time is awesome!

Our next appointment is in three weeks and after that we'll be going to every other week appointments - it doesn't seem possible that we're already shortening up the time between visits!!

On Thursday night Jake and I were watching Big Brother and baby apparently was pretty anxious about what was going to happen because it felt like he or she was break dancing in there!  I had Jake come over to feel and I swear that baby kicked the hardest it ever has about 10 seconds after Jake put his hand on my stomach.  His eyes got huge, he looked at me and asked what I did - he didn't believe that it was all baby at first!  Then we took a couple seconds to just watch as my belly rolled with baby's movements (I much prefer these belly rolls to the other kind!)  I think it's one of those moments and memories that neither I nor Jake will ever forget.  A very special time!

Here's my bump at 26 weeks!

Weight: I have no idea!  Our scale's battery went out and I haven't replaced it yet.  

Sickness: I have feeling pretty good this week.  I have been really paying attention to how much water I drink each day and also not going too long in between meals.  If I accidentally go too long without eating I find myself getting nauseated, so I am trying to make sure that doesn't happen!  One thing I mentioned to the doctor is that I will randomly feel my hands and feet heating up and getting that pins-and-needles feeling.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a bit strange.  He said that I am likely feeling that at times when my blood pressure drops a bit and it's nothing to be too concerned about.  Just something that goes along with pregnancy I guess!

Cravings: A couple weeks ago I had a huge craving for sour gummy candies and tried to ignore it but it just wouldn't go away!  So I splurged on some of those sour watermelons and since then I haven't had any cravings :) 

Food Aversions: Nothing new this week!

Clothing fittings: I am still fitting in most things from pre-pregnancy except for most of my black pants (which I'm okay with!)  That has meant more dresses at work, which are in fact more comfortable than pants anyways.  If I'm home I'm probably wearing one of two pairs of maternity shorts I got at Kohls - I love them!

Sleep: I think I might have finally cracked the code for sleeping!  I try to not drink water an hour or so before bed and that has definitely helped cut down on the number of times I wake up to use the bathroom and I think my body has become accustomed to sleeping on my side.  

Movement: YES!  Baby has been kicking up a storm and I honestly love it!  I know that it might start to actually hurt at some point, but for now the kicks haven't been hurting at all - they're just a nice reminder that baby is doing well in there! 

Emotions:  I was a bit stressed and on edge after our second ultrasound when we were waiting to hear if we had to see a specialist for a third ultrasound on baby's stomach, but once that fear was taken away and baby's stomach was cleared as being on track I settled down and haven't been too emotional!

Workouts: My workouts have been great!  I have been mixing it up a bit between Piyo and Brazil Butt Lift for when I want something a bit more cardio and less stretching-focused.  Between those two I've been feeling great!

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